Your Social Marketing Mashup is Packed Full of Social Media Goodies

Want the latest social media marketing news, tips and strategies?  Our social marketing mashup combines a range of interesting and useful information that you may have missed.  How do we choose what to include in this big ‘ol pot of good stuff?  That’s a secret we’ll keep to ourselves.  What we can tell you is that everything in this blog post appears here with one goal in mind – to help your business stay informed and succeed with social media.

Lead the Way

Many businesses create blog content on a regular basis.  The majority of these businesses, however, do not blog with a purpose of capturing leads.  Would you like to use your blog to build your customer list and boost your bottom line?  You’ll want to read these five tips to generate more leads with your blog.

Covering the Bases

Does your business have a Google+ page?  Have you seen the latest design update for this social network?  If not, you might want to give your business’s page a look after you finish reading this blog post.  Take a good look at your cover photo and you’ll notice that Google+ only shows the bottom third of your image when you arrive at your page (the whole image can be seen only by scrolling up).  Make sure to redesign your Google+ cover photo so that it shows your contact information and anything else you feel is important for your visitors to see on that bottom third of the image.

Making Contact

While we are on the topic of cover photos, let’s talk about the ever-changing rules for your Facebook for business cover photo.  Fan pages can once again put contact information and calls-to-action on their cover photos.  However, your Facebook cover photo must still abide by the 20% content rule.  Yes, this is confusing but it is also good news for your brand.

Tag, You’re It

The popularity of using tags is growing rapidly with social networks.  With Facebook owning Instagram, you knew that it wouldn’t be long before photo-tagging arrived on this photo-sharing social network.  Joining Instagram in the tagging frenzy is the business-friendly social network LinkedIn.  Learn more about LinkedIn’s tagging feature here.

Mix and Match

Haven’t had your fill of new social media stuff?  Here’s a few snippets of other things we’ve learned recently.  Facebook will soon begin to roll out video ads in news feeds.  YouTube is beginning to test subscription-based channels where viewers will pay for video content.  LinkedIn Today changed its design and offers new channels for sharing news.  And last, but not least, there was the launch of the cool, new Google Hangouts app.

Have anything you would like to add to our social media marketing mashup?  We’d love your input!  Use the comment section below to share.

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