Your Latest Social Media News Has Hit the Social Marketing Newsstand

Your Latest Social Media News Has Hit the Social Marketing Newsstand

How can you improve your social selling with LinkedIn?  Which social networks can drive the most traffic to your website?  You will learn the answers to those questions and much more in our latest social media news blog post.

Goodbye Facebook Gifts

Did you ever use Facebook Gifts as thank you offerings for your clients or customers?  If you did, then you may be one of the few who will miss this feature.  The good news is that while the social network recently re-gifted its gifts feature, it was done so in an effort to focus more energy on helping businesses sell their own products with the Buy button and commerce platform.

Mobile LinkedIn Profile Facelift

When was the last time you updated your professional LinkedIn profile?  If it is has been a while, then now is as good a time as any.  LinkedIn recently released a new mobile profile which features a new design and helpful advice for creating the perfect professional profile.

Social Selling on LinkedIn

What’s next in our latest social media news blog post?  Well, let’s stick with the social network for business professionals.  LinkedIn recently launched Sales Navigator as a standalone product which they say will help its users improve their social selling results.

Easier Embedded Tweets

Have you ever found yourself reading your Twitter for business timeline and wishing you didn’t have to click through to get an understanding of a linked tweet?  That’s where embedded tweets come in to play.  If someone uses this feature on (it was already available on mobile), then you can see the linked tweet content directly embedded in that users tweet.

Social Network Referrals

Is a big part of your social marketing strategy driving traffic to your website?  Would it help your social media for business ROI if you knew which social networks drove the most traffic to websites?  Do yourself a favor and read this blog post to find out the latest data on the social media traffic referrals.

Google Photos Go Solo

Are you including a lot of photo content in your business’s social media marketing efforts?  A recent report from the folks at Google+, revealed that the company will soon make Google Photos a standalone service separate from its Google+ for business platform.  This move will allow your business to share its social media photo content with users who do not have a Google Plus profile.

Flickr Photo Licensing

Speaking of photos, have you ever wondered about licensing and profiting from your brand’s original photo content?  The news out of the photo-sharing social network Flickr is that they will soon offer services to help you and your business get your photos licensed.  Not only with they help with licensing but their site will help you give you a powerful online portfolio to display those images.

Have you seen any social media news we missed in this blog post?  Please share in our comments below.

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