Your Facebook for Business Page is the Perfect Vehicle to Drive Traffic to Your Website

Does your social media marketing strategy for Facebook focus on driving fans to your website?  Whether you are or you are not, we’re going to share a few tips to make sure you are making the most of your Facebook fans and driving social network traffic back to the place where your brand closes the deal and makes the sale – your website.  Don’t miss out on the potential your social community offers.  Start using these tips today!

It is About You

We are always telling our readers that in order to build an active social network community that engages with your brand and shares your posts, you must remember it is about them and not you.  Well, do you see that “About” section on your Facebook for business page right under your profile picture?  That is about you.  And, your business should put a website link right there front and center.  Do the same in your Basic Information section.

Spread the Bread Crumbs

There is absolutely no reason for you to include everything you want to say in your Facebook posts.  Write less – spread the bread crumbs – and lead your fans to your website with a link directly in your post.  As long as you are delivering value, your fans will not mind clicking through to read more.

Taking Notes

Do you ever take advantage of Facebook Notes as part of your social marketing strategy to post longer content like blog posts, how-to articles or lists?  Notes are great because they allow for basic html and let you post hyperlinks – backlinks to your website.  Once published, your note will show up as a post in your fan’s news feed.  And, they not only drive traffic to your website, but are also a key element in your social SEO strategy

Pay to Play

Before you shoot this next strategy down, give it a chance to work for your Facebook for business page.  Use promoted posts to drive traffic to your website.  These paid posts are not expensive and can deliver big results when paired with a landing page that includes a special online deal or coupon that requires visitors to provide your business their contact information.  And if their testing works well, Facebook will soon tell you which engaging posts you should promote.  Paying to play can pay off when done right!

In the Know

One sure-fire way to drive more traffic to your website from Facebook is to have a large number of fans on the social network.  To grow your social community, you need to know and understand social marketing best practices for Facebook.  You also need to keep up with all the changes – i.e. new Facebook news feed design – and how those changes will affect your strategy and business.


There are many more ways to drive traffic from your Facebook for business page to your website.  You probably know of and use a few.  Please share your successes in the comments below.


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