Will the New Mobile Facebook Business Page Design Be a Boom or Bust for Your Business?

Your mobile Facebook for business page is getting a facelift.  Does your Facebook mobile social media content need a facelift also?  You’re about to find out.  In this blog post, we’ll talk about how you can make the most of this new mobile design for Facebook brand pages.

On the Move

You may have noticed this social network’s movement towards a more mobile-oriented strategy lately.  And there is good reason for this move.  Besides the fact that the company’s Facebook Home downloads took only about a week to hit the half-million mark,  they’ve also reported that daily active mobile users have now surpassed daily active web users.  So as it makes sense for Facebook to shift its focus to mobile, it makes sense for your business to shift its social media strategy to mobile also.


The first thing most people will notice – besides its not-so-subtle resemblance to Yelp! –  with the new design of Facebook for business mobile pages is the focus on user interaction rather than brand content.  Local businesses will notice that just under their brand’s cover photo fans have the option to Like, Check-In, Call and More (Share, Message, Copy Link and Report).  Under that row of buttons, fans will see a map listing of the business.  Brands that are not a “local business” will have similar options minus the map and the call feature.

Claims Department

So what should your business do to make the most of this redesign?  First and foremost, brands that have a local presence must claim their Facebook Places page.  Then you will want to optimise your description and ask your customers to make use of the new check-in, recommendation and review features.  This Facebook Nearby post on Socialface will give you a headstart.

Next Steps

To engage your Facebook for business fans who use a mobile device, you’ll need to optimise your content in a way that matches their expectations.  Smaller screen, shorter attention span, easy access to other social network apps: These are just a few of the hurdles your business is dealing with.  Make sure your posts are short (easily read in a couple of seconds) and pop off the small screen with big visuals.  Also, take it a step further and use that small section of mobile real estate to drive fans to your mobile website.

This new design – with its focus on interaction in the way of reviews, recommendations and check-ins – can bring a boom or a bust to your Facebook for business strategy.  Pay attention to how your fans are reacting and interacting and revise your social marketing strategy when needed.  Are you excited about the possibilities of the new Facebook mobile business pages?  Please share your thoughts in the comments below.



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