Why businesses love Pinterest

In recent months, online pinboard site Pinterest has captured hearts and minds. Its dizzying ascent has launched a thousand articles and posts extolling its virtues. We feel like we read a new love letter each day.

Why do businesses like yours love Pinterest? Here are three of the best articles we’ve read on the benefits of Pinterest for business.

1. Define your brand

Why do people buy your brand?  Anyone who has watched Simon Sinek’s inspiring TED talk on how great leaders inspire action will probably tell you: “People don’t buy what you do; they buy why you do it.”

What better way to share why you do what you do than through images.  On Pinterest, you can define your brand through the images you curate, as John Brandon suggests in his article on boosting your business with Pinterest.

We loved Brandon’s example of clothing designer Presenza that uses key phrases like ‘made in the USA’ and ‘defining confidence’ in its board titles.  Its boards are a visual representation of who they are and what they stand for.

2. Build connections based on shared interests

It can be easy in the day-to-day of keeping up your social media to lose sight of the social. Social media, done well, is about building connections based on shared interests, stories and experiences.

As Mashable’s Lauren Drell points out in her article on Whole Foods’ approach to Pinterest, “because the point of Pinterest isn’t to push products, but to help people explore and deepen their interests, consumers don’t feel like they’re being marketed to.”

This communal vibe is a great drawcard for Pinterest. You’re sharing, not marketing. Relax and enjoy it.

3. Be a leader in your niche

Unlike other social media which require you to sign up to follow a brand in toto, Pinterest allows potential followers to follow individual boards.

Just interested in a photographer’s curated board of newborn poses, but not maternity poses? No problem, just follow one board. Just interested in a design buff’s board of dream kitchens, but not funky office spaces? Again, pick the boards you wish to follow.

Pamela Vaughan’s Pinterest guide for Hubspot makes some great points on this topic.  “Careful curation of niche board topics,” Vaughan writes, “can help you attract a much wider audience, via the search function and a pin’s natural course through the Pinterest ecosystem.”  As she puts it, “Pinterest’s board layout enables users to pick and choose what aspects of the brand [they want] to experience.”

With Pinterest, your business need not worry about being everything to everybody. Build smaller communities around aspects of your brand instead.

Do tell

What do you love about Pinterest for your business?

How do you use Pinterest to define your brand?


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3 thoughts on “Why businesses love Pinterest

  1. Abbie Allen - Lifestyle Elements says:

    To be honest I am still in the learning phase of Pinterest from a business perspective and not all that sure how to manage it. However, your article has clarified a few things a little better, ie. using it to define why we do what we do rather than ‘what’ we do. I am going to keep this top of mind as I pursue Pinterest further. It seems like such a great vehicle for getting your message out there!

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