Why are Google+ pages good news for your business?

Late in 2011, Google rolled out ‘pages’ for its Google+ social network.  Your business can now have its own brand page on Google+ ‘page’ just as it does on Facebook.

Why are Google+ pages good for your business?  We’ve pulled together three of the best articles just for you.

But first

Many of you won’t have dipped your toes into the Google+ waters yet.  We’re all still splashing around in the shallows and perfecting our swimming strokes, while we watch to see if the big waves come rolling in.

Tim, one of our directors here at socialface, dived straight in.  “It certainly got a lot of hype in 2011,” he recalls.  “I remember eagerly clicking on my first invite to join.  And like most people, I was a bit under-whelmed.  I was busy and until it gained traction – lots of traction – I couldn’t see myself using it much.  But now with the advent of business pages and their potential to impact search results, Google+ just can’t be ignored.”

And what’s his fearless prediction?  “Don’t quote me on this” – of course not – “but I think everyone who’s active on social media will be on Google+ by this time next year.  And every business that’s serious about building a social presence will have a brand page.  I now have the G+ app on my phone and maybe 10% of my Facebook friends are on it.”

1.  Circles and ripples

Google+ is so new that we decided Google’s own Introducing Pages for Google+ had to make the list his week.  It’s a neat and simple breakdown of what Google+ offers for sharing and promoting your brand.  Read about hangouts, the capacity for inter-user video conversations without leaving Google+.

But it’s the circles and ripples that could really set this new player apart.  On Google+, circles enable you to segment your audience and ripples enable you to analyse how your content is shared and re-shared.

Want more detail?  Head over to Google’s Getting Started Guide.

2.  Early adopters

We liked this take on The Pros & Cons of Google+ for Small Business on Mashable.  Writer Erica Swallow took the time to collate thoughts from a host of small businesses and look at Google+ from the viewpoint of the time-poor small business.

Ms Swallow picks out the potential for a boost in search engine ranking, expanded content distribution and audience segmentation, but also highlights the opportunity to connect with early adopters and be early to explore a niche platform.  There are great benefits for small businesses wanting to get in the game early, but the writer doesn’t sugar-coat with what could well turn out to be teething problems.  Only time will tell.

3.  First impressions

Don’t miss Ashley Zeckman’s Google+ marketing tips over on the online marketing blog TopRank when you are setting up your profile or page.  Ms Zeckman neatly lays out some of the key steps and the importance of a ‘stellar’ introduction on your profile.

She’s confident about the prospects of Google+, too.  “Over the next few months,” she says, “Google will only continue to roll out changes to their Google+ platform and either by incentive or usefulness, Google+ will grow.”

Tell us

What’s your fearless prediction on the popularity of Google+ by the end of the year?

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