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Looking for social media trending topics?  Wondering why those Pinterest Pins you are viewing are actually moving?  Our latest social media marketing news gives you the scoop on the latest changes and updates your business should take notice of to ensure your brand is making the most of its social network strategy.

Highly Popular

Which social network do you turn to when you are looking for the latest trending topics on social media?  We’re probably guess that most of you business owners would answer that Twitter is the home for trending topics.  Well, if imitation is the highest form of flattery, then the micro-blogging founders will be happy (maybe) to know that Facebook trending topics have recently arrived on the scene.

Moving Pictures

Are you a fan of Pinterest for business?  The photo-pinning social media channel recently announced that select users now have the ability to pin and share GIFs which actually play on their Pinterest board when a viewer clicks a small play button on the bottom of the photo.  Previously, users were required to click the GIF, leave Pinterest, and view the moving picture on another online location.

Pay a Visit

Have you looked at your Twitter for business web profile lately?  If you spend all of your time accessing the social network using your smartphone or tablet, then we recommend you visit Twitter.com and check out your company’s profile.  Twitter – in an effort to reflect the look and feel of its mobile apps – just released a redesign of its web app and your business will probably want to tweak your design a bit to stay in step.

Going Mobile

Unless you have been avoiding all social media marketing news, then you surely have heard the non-stop chatter revolving around the decline of Facebook’s teen demographic.  To most of us this is no longer as much a news item as the fact that social media mobile apps (think Instagram) are showing the most growth.  The real news here is that your business needs to make sure you are devoting resources to a mobile social marketing strategy.

Tip of the Hat

Does your business use Tumblr as part of its online content marketing strategy?  Users of this blogging channel can now use the @ symbol to mention another Tumblr blog.  To give a tip of the hat to another great resource (Remember – Give and your business shall receive.) on Tumblr, just type the @ with a username and the other user will see that you mentioned them in your post.

Have you spotted any social media marketing news that we’ve missed?  Please share your social marketing news items in the comments below.


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