Warning: New Facebook Update Will Limit Your Business’s Social Media ROI in 2015

Warning: New Facebook Update Will Limit Your Business’s Social Media ROI in 2015

Is your business ready for the new Facebook update which goes into effect January 2015?  If you don’t take a few steps to review your Facebook for business content marketing strategy, then you might find Facebook limiting your news feed visibility very soon.  Our latest social media marketing blog post will share a few tips to ensure your business’s posts reach your fans.

New News Feed Algorithm

What’s all the fuss about this new Facebook algorithm update?  The social network announced that businesses who share “overly-promotional” posts will be penalised by this new update.  To get a full understanding of the why and how behind this new Facebook news feed algorithm, make sure to read the official announcement.

Best Facebook Tip

What’s the most obvious social marketing posting tip we can offer businesses before this new Facebook update goes into effect?  Stop posting promotional content that is basically an advertisement disguised as an organic post.  Once you understand and implement that Facebook tip, start using some of the following tips to help improve your social marketing ROI.

Posting Trending Topics

Do you pay attention to Facebook trending topics?  You should, and you also pay attention to Twitter trends and other current events.  Find a way to relate a popular event to your business and share creative content which includes that trending topic as it will give your post more traction and reach in the news feed.

Facebook Post Timing

Looking for an Facebook posting strategy that goes against the grain of what most social media experts suggest?  Start sharing your content at off-peak times.  This Facebook content strategy may seem a bit odd, but putting your posts out there at non-peak times means less competition for the eyeballs of your Facebook fans.

Social Blog Posts

How about a Facebook marketing tip that gives you double the benefits?  Make sure your blogging for business strategy includes using embedded posts when those posts are relevant to the blog post content.  Doing this will add a social context to your blog post and give your Facebook content more visibility to readers who may not be one of your Facebook fans.

Add Facebook Ads

Is there a way to sneak your promotional posts past the new Facebook algorithm and get that content in front of your fans?  You can if you start including paid advertising in your social marketing strategy.  Take a look at this Facebook ads strategy and start budgeting some money for paid social media in 2015.

Please share your opinions on the new Facebook update in the comments below.

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