From Vine Vanity URLs to Instagram Direct: Here’s Your Weekly Social Media News Fix

Are you ready for the social media marketing news your business can use right now in its social networking strategy?  We’ve got the latest from Vine, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and more right here.  Our social marketing news is never filled with fluff and fat.  Instead, we get right to the point and give you the social media information you need to know right now.

Vine Ripened

Has your business been waiting patiently for a Vine vanity URL?  Well, your wait is over.  As of December 23rd, all Vine video user accounts will have the option to claim their very own branded vanity URL.

The Popular Kids

Besides being part of the always-growing social media family, what do Facebook, YouTube, Snapchat, Instagram and Vine have in common?  Well, each of these social network apps made the list of the most-downloaded iPhone and iPad apps of 2013.  Still think that mobile social marketing strategy should be put on the backburner?

A Select Few

Have you heard about the recently-released Instagram Direct feature?  This new photo-sharing tool from Instagram allows you to share photos directly to another user’s inbox instead of to all of your followers.  Check out these ideas for using Instagram Direct to connect with customers and grow your brand.

A Good Cause

Do you or your business donate goods, services or money to non-profit organisations?  Well, if you follow any of these non-profits on Facebook, then you might see a new option for donating to the cause.  The social network recently began rolling out a new donation feature which allows you to contribute cash to your favorite non-profits directly on their Facebook for business page.

In and Out

LinkedIn for business users spend much of their time reviewing and responding to messages in their LinkedIn Inbox.  If you do spend a lot of time in your inbox, then you will start to see a newly redesigned inbox which the social network hopes will make your experience more productive and enjoyable.  You’ll notice larger photos, a message preview feature and centralised navigation on the left-hand side.

Going Mobile

Have you noticed something different in your Twitter mobile timeline?  Businesses can now reach a growing mobile social media audience using Twitter’s Promoted Accounts advertising option.  If your business has been thinking about using paid Twitter options, now might be the time to work it into your 2014 social marketing strategy.

Do you have any social media marketing news you would like to share with our readers?  We’re sure they would appreciate your input.  Share your social marketing news and information in the comments below.

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