Venture into Social Video with Vine from Twitter

Have you heard the news?  Twitter recently released a new service for sharing short videos.  For now, the Vine video sharing app is only available as a download for Apple iPhone and iTouch users.  But even with those restrictions, your business should take a look at adding Twitter’s Vine to its social marketing strategy.

 Ripe and Ready

With Facebook’s purchase and integration of Instagram, the social media world was ripe and ready for a video option.  While social-video apps Viddy and SocialCam were already on the market, Vine delivers a new way to share video with your social networks.  The folks at Twitter also promise that they are working on bringing the app to platforms other than iOS.

The Works

Getting into a long, detailed discussion over how this new social media video-sharing tool works isn’t really necessary.  What you do need to know for now is that the app is not built directly into Twitter (think Facebook and Instagram), and it allows you to shoot multiple shots (if you wish) and combine them into a 6-second clip.  There are social features to the app as well such as commenting, liking and following other Viners.

Big for Business

These small-in-length video clips can be big for businesses looking to grow their social media market share.  Creating marketing promos to introduce a new product/service or putting out short, breaking news clips are just two ways you could use Vine from Twitter.  But don’t take my word for it, here are some brands using Vine now.

Moving Forward

The social network community’s tilt towards a short-attention span makes the 6-second length of Vine videos perfect for your marketing purposes.  Plus, the popularity and social marketing reach of Twitter makes the video-sharing app a must-have addition to your brand’s social strategy.  As we move forward, keep an eye on our blog as we bring you some real-world examples and tips for using the Vine video-sharing app to engage and grow your social community.

Do you already use videos in your social media strategy?  Tell us about your experiences with social video in the comments below.



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