Stop Whining and Start Using Facebook Promoted Posts to Grow Your Business

Discussing Facebook promoted posts in public can incite angry arguments and possibly even fist-fights among best friends.  Why are people so easily angered when it comes to this social media marketing tool for Facebook for business pages?  Rumours and misunderstandings seem to be the root cause.  We’ll clear that up and share some tips for using Facebook promoted posts to grow your bottom line.  So, are you ready to kiss and make up with promoted posts for Facebook?

Bad Timing and Star Trek

Facebook made a big mistake releasing promoted posts around the time of it’s IPO as many folks saw this as a way for the social network to start charging businesses and celebrities to have their posts seen by all their fans.  Even Star Trek’s Mr. Sulu (or George Takei as social media world knows him) got into the mix and called out the Facebook for forcing him to pay to reach all of his fans when he reached all of them for free in the past.  The problem with this rant was that George Takei was wrong.

Deal with It

At this point, companies with Facebook for business pages can continue to complain, whine and spread rumors, or they can learn how to increase the reach of their posts by delivering more engaging content with a solid posting strategy.  These businesses could also begin using promoted posts as part of their social marketing strategy.  We think its better to deal with reality, learn some useful tips and watch your competition fall by the wayside.  Don’t you?

Give Me Five

Here’s five simple tips to make Facebook promoted posts work for your business.  After you see your success, you can give us five.  Up high or down low: We’re not picky.

  • Use images and videos in promoted posts to catch the eye and increase engagement. But remember, content within/overlayed on an image can only take up 20% of the image.
  • Check your Facebook insights and choose posts to promote that are already popular with your fans and have displayed good organic virality and reach.
  • Pair your promoted posts with a special offer or coupon and link to a company website page (drive traffic) where fans can fill out a short form (lead capture) to claim your coupon (increase sales).
  • Publicise offline or online events (think store openings or sales webinars) using promoted posts.
  • Ask questions to crowdsource a new product/service, to obtain market research or to find topics of interest for your online content (blog posts, social media posts, etc.).

Still not convinced?  For as little as $5, your business could see results like these from a Facebook for business promoted page post.  Do you have examples of promoted status updates or other promoted posts on Facebook?  Please share yours in the comments below.


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