Use These Special Touches to Create a Memorable Event

Planning a business event might involve many different things. Some events are serious talks, while others might be lavish affairs designed to impress your clients. When you’re designing an event, you want to create something that will have a lasting impact. Your guests should remember it long after it’s over, rather than just go home and forget about it. If you want your business event to be memorable, you should think about some of the special touches you can add to it. There are lots of ways to approach your event to make it super special. Here’s how you can create a lasting impression for the right reasons.

Make an Awesome First Impression

Before the day of your event even arrives, you can start thinking about how can start things off right. From the moment you start inviting people to your event, you can make sure that they get the right impression. One excellent thing to do is to create some impressive invitations. Take a look at to see how traditional letter pressing could make a huge difference to your paper invitations. It’s worth taking the time to make it look like you care and to send everyone a personalised invitation.

Choose a Memorable Venue

A lot of business events end up being held in hotels, either in their conference rooms or private event spaces. However, if you want to do something different, you might want to avoid this pretty boring move. There are likely much more interesting venues that you can use, and some of them could be unexpected choices. Would something like an art gallery be more suitable? How about a converted barn, a restaurant, or an outdoor event under a marquee? You can put your own stamp on a unique venue, instead of being stifled by the plainness of a hotel chain.

Create an Interactive Food and Drink Experience

Food and drink are so often the stars of the show at an event. Even if people don’t remember anything else, they’ll remember how good (or bad) the food is. If your food and drink aren’t much to talk about, your event might not be worth talking about at all. If you want to do something special, think about how you can make food and drink interactive. It could be by allowing guests to get stuck in and make their own – from sandwich stations to chocolate fountains. Or it could be an experience that they can watch, such as a hog roast or even having chefs prepare food at their tables.

Provide Unforgettable Entertainment

Your food and drink could be part of your entertainment, but you’ll want to consider some other things too. Some business events are structured around entertainment of a sort. At conferences, the various talks and workshops can count as entertainment. But there are times when you’ll want to think of something different and interesting to capture everyone’s attention. It doesn’t necessarily have to be directly related to your brand or event – many corporate events like to use comedians for entertainment.

Make a lasting impression with your business event by adding some special touches. You can start making your mark long before your event takes place.

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