Use Social Media Tools for Business Results and Improved ROI

Use Social Media Tools for Business Results and Improved ROI

Are you using social media tools for businesses to help see a real ROI on your social marketing efforts?  There are a multitude of tools and social media marketing apps out there that can save you time, increase sales, drive more traffic, improve customer service and deliver many more business results.  In our latest blog post, we’ll point you to a handful of social media tools to start using today to see improved business outcomes with social marketing..

Social Media Sales Leads

Does finding sales leads in the social network universe feel like looking for needles in a haystack?  Social marketing sales statistics show that social leads are much more likely to end in a sale than traditional leads.  Check out – an online tool that promises to do the heavy lifting and deliver real-time, qualified leads from Twitter, Facebook and other social networks.

Terrific Twitter Tool

Have you seen the new Twitter Small Business Planner mobile app?  According to the official Twitter blog, the social media mobile app is, “…full of tactical guidance for small and medium-sized businesses.”  This social media tool is designed to help your business see real results this holiday season by offering, “Tweet suggestions, Twitter Ads strategies, information on Twitter tools, and exclusive events.”

Content is King

One of the simplest ways to ensure you have a social media for business strategy that delivers real results is to start with a solid foundation.  And, creating a content calendar for your business blog should be a integral part of that content marketing foundation.  Here’s 3 editorial calendar tools to simplify the task of researching, organising, planning and creating content.

Data-Driven Social Media Tool

Speaking of foundations, your business must utilise analytics data as a building block of your social media strategy.  While it’s true that you can go directly to Facebook and Twitter to find important feedback, that method is time-consuming.  Since time is money, we recommend you use a tool like Crowdbooster to measure and optimise your social marketing efforts.

Free Facebook Ad Tool

Would you like a free social media tool which improves the ROI of your business’s Facebook ads?  Ad Grader from analyzes your Facebook News Feed ads and then offers a grade and tips for improvement.  Using this tool will definitely save your business money and increase your social media advertising campaign sales.

Social Listening Tools

Do you think offering excellent customer service will help you improve customer retention, increase sales and create a host of new social marketing evangelists for your brand?  Smart businesses use social media as part of their customer service strategy.  Social listening tools like Topsy, Social Mention, Hootsuite, IceRocket and Addictomatic are excellent tools to monitor social networks and blogs to look for customer service opportunities.

Add your thoughts or favorite social media tools for business in the comments below.

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