How to Use LinkedIn Showcase Pages in Your Business’s Social Media Strategy

Does your business have a LinkedIn Company Page?  Have you heard about the new LinkedIn Showcase Pages?  In our latest social media marketing blog post, we’re going to share some information and tips about this new social network feature for all you LinkedIn for business users.

Get Down to Basics

Have you taken the time to get to know LinkedIn Showcase Pages?  Here’s a quick definition that will shine light on this new social marketing tool for your business.  According to the official LinkedIn blog, “Showcase Pages are dedicated pages that allow companies to highlight different aspects of their business and build relationships with the right community.”

Digging Deeper

When we dig a bit deeper into how these pages can benefit your business, it helps to use a real world example.  A company like Facebook offers more than one product or service with a different target audience for these offerings.  The social network could have a LinkedIn Showcase Page for its advertising services, one each for its Android and iOS mobile apps, another for its Facebook Messenger app and, of course one for its Facebook Page product for businesses.

Up and Running

Want to know how to get your showcase pages up and running?  First, you must have a LinkedIn Company Page, and you also must be an Admin for that page.  The next steps are not that complicated, but it makes more sense for us to point you to LinkedIn’s directions here than to write them out step by step in our post.

Don’t Do This

The same social media marketing rules apply for Showcase Pages on LinkedIn as they do on your other social network channels.  First and foremost, do not expend your energy and waste your audience’s time by sending out a barrage of sales messages.  Even if you are able to reach a much more targeted audience who is interested in a particular product or service, you might as well invite them to move on to your competition if the conversation is all about you.

What to Do

The great thing about LinkedIn Showcase Pages is that you are speaking to an audience that is not only using your product/service, but most likely also a devoted fan of your product/service (i.e. Applie iPhone users).  This allows you to tighten up your branding message and provide useful, valuable information which will directly impact that audience.  Think of using your status updates to share power-user tips, answer customer service inquiries and crowdsource ideas for improving your product/service.

Get creative with this new social marketing tool from LinkedIn and use it to not only gain new customers but to also develop brand evangelists.

Do you have any ideas for using LinkedIn Showcase Pages?  Please share in the comments below.


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