How to Use Your LinkedIn Profile to Drive Customers and Connections to Your Door

How to Use Your LinkedIn Profile to Drive Customers and Connections to Your Door

Does your LinkedIn profile drive customers to your door, or does it drive them away in droves.  An effective professional profile on LinkedIn can be one of your best social marketing tools.  Our latest social media blog post offers tips to show you how.

Same Old Story

Have you read article after article sharing the same old tips for improving your LinkedIn profile?  We’re not going to waste space telling you to use a professional photo and industry-related keywords.  Instead, this LinkedIn for business post digs a little deeper and provides tips you can use to improve the marketing and sales effectiveness of your professional profile.

Get Personal

What would you consider a major factor for doing business with someone you connect with on LinkedIn?  On or off of the social network, people do business with people they find authentic and trustworthy.  When writing the content for your LinkedIn profile, forget the business-speak and sit down to write a draft without self-editing which will help you let your authentic self – your personality – shine through in your content.

Beyond Profile Photos

Do your Facebook friends and Instagram connections give you a glance into personalities by sharing photos of their daily lives?  Share LinkedIn photos using the mobile app to bring a little life and personality to your professional profile.  Post photos of conferences and events, behind-the-scenes company life, working with customers, and anything else – professionally-related – which offers insight into your working personality.

Cutting Out Clutter

Is your LinkedIn profile full of endorsements unrelated to your core business?  If so, then it is time to manage LinkedIn endorsements by removing those which are not useful in bringing you new business.  Remember, you want the right skills showing up on your profile, and you also want endorsements coming from high-quality LinkedIn connections.

An Inviting Invitation

Are you leaving out a very, very important and integral aspect of any sales and marketing content?  If you want people to connect and engage with you on your social networks, then you have to ask.  Your social media for business strategy should include using a call to action in multiple locations of your LinkedIn profile inviting others to connect with you along with a reason why they should join your network.

The Public Eye

Do you want prospective clients and customers to find you when they are using search engines like Google and Bing to search for products and services you offer?  If so, then this final tip is an obvious one.  To reap the benefits of social search and seo, you must make your LinkedIn profile public in your profile settings.

Please share your tips for improving your LinkedIn profile in our comments below.

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