Up Your Social Marketing Game with the Latest Social Media News

Latest Social Media News

Ready to up your social marketing game?  Our social media news is the place to start.  In our latest edition of our social network news, you will find the latest features, updates and information to drive real business results with your social marketing strategy.

Facebook Product Ads

Looking for a more effective way to promote your business’s products on Facebook to the right people at the right time?  If so, you’ll be happy to hear about a new advertising solution from Facebook.  The social network’s news blog touts Facebook product ads as, “a solution designed to help businesses promote multiple products or their entire product catalog, across all the devices their customers use.”

Twitter Teamwork

Do you have an entire team sharing and tweeting on your Twitter for business accounts?  Perhaps you have a social media management agency helping with your Twitter strategy?  Either way, you’ll be glad to know that Twitter is introducing TweetDeck Teams which will allow your business to share access to your accounts without sharing sensitive password information.

Google Plus Twitter

Have you heard the latest social search news from Google and Twitter?  The two companies have once again decided to play nice with Google displaying tweets in search results.  Thanks to Twitter sharing data with Google, those tweets will show up in search results in real time.

Talking Tumblr Filters

Looking for a new, easy way to find all the posts with links in your favorite Tumblr blog?  Want to offer your customers a simple way to view all the Tumblr video posts you shared?  The micro-blogging platform just added a “filter by post” option in the archive view of blogs to make it easy to find specific types of content in Tumblr blogs.

Pinning Aps in Pinterest

Do you use Pinterest as part of your social media strategy, and does your business offer a mobile app for iPhone or iPad users?  Check out this Pinterest blog post discussing the new app Pin feature which will allow people to download your app directly from Pinterest boards.  According to the photo-pinning social network, “When you come across an app Pin, tap Install to download the app right to your iPhone or iPad without ever leaving Pinterest.”

Selling in Facebook Groups

Are you interested in generating more sales with your Facebook for business social marketing strategy?  Make sure to give Facebook’s For Sale Groups.  This new social network group feature allows buying, selling and trading directly in Facebook Groups.

Have any social media news you would like to share?  We welcome your social network news in our comments below.

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