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Your social media news is back again bringing you the latest social marketing information from your favorite social networks.  Keeping up to date with the newest strategies, tools, applications, features and updates is virtually impossible when you are trying to run a profitable business.  You can count on us to give you the big picture in our regularly-scheduled social media marketing news post.

On Deck

Twitter purchased Tweetdeck a couple of years ago.  Now, we’re seeing one of the reasons the company may have made such a move.  Businesses and social media managers using TweetDeck can now create multiple Twitter Timelines which are fully-embeddable.

Ripe on the Vine

If you’ve been one of the many business owners with a Windows Phone who wished to use Vine videos with their Twitter for business strategy, you are now – finally – in luck.  The social video-capture app is now available for Windows Phone.  One big difference from the user-experience on other phones is that Vine takes advantage of the Windows Phone’s “lenses” for shooting video and live tiles for updates.

Private Matters

Looking for an easy way to create a private, social intranet for your business or collaboration team?  Google+ for business just announced the release of restricted communities.  These Google+ communities will allow you to share files via Google Drive and communicate with posts and comments while keeping your content and conversations away from prying eyes.

No Comment

A while back, we told our readers that – in regards to comments and comment functionality – changes would soon be coming to YouTube.  Well, those changes are finally here.  The next time you log in to your brand’s YouTube Channel, you’ll notice a prompt that shares the new functions (comment moderation, public/private commenting, comment ordering) of YouTube’s comments powered by Google+.

Drag and Drop

Ever wanted to create a functioning website inside of your Facebook for business page?  That’s what the latest tool – the f-Site – from PageYourself promises to deliver.  This free service provides page admins with drag and drop design tools and full host of features including contact forms, blog hosting, landing page, product/service deals, html coding and more.

Second Fiddle

Speaking of Facebook for business, the social network recently updated the design of its “Share” and “Like” buttons.  While most of the social media marketing news reports were telling readers about this new change, they were ignoring another redesign.  This one was to Facebook’s top suggestions page.  What do you think about the new look?

Have you spotted any social media news or updates to social networks which we missed in this post?  Please share in our comments below.

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