Twitter Changed in 2012 – Did Your Business Adjust or Fall Behind?

Have you been keeping up with Twitter and the changes the social network made during 2012?  Much like Facebook and other social media channels, the folks at Twitter stirred the pot a bit with some major changes and pushed out some new, helpful features for its users.  Here’s a quick glance at four of the changes and how they might affect your business.

Pushing the Limit

For a social network that has always been known for it’s 140 character tweets, deciding to forgo that limit was a big deal.  In 2012, Twitter launched expanded tweets in an effort to position itself as a leading, breaking-news, quick-delivery, what’s-happening-right-now content provider.  Your business can now share photos, videos and content previews instead of 140 characters of black and white text.

Shut Out

The decision of Twitter to impose stricter rules for its A.P.I. (Applications Programming Interface) may not affect your business’s social marketing efforts directly.  It did, however, incite online protests and put some developers out of business when it came to creating third-party applications (think of the tab apps and other third-party apps you use on your Facebook for business page.)  For most businesses, these stricter rules could mean an elimination of some of the tools you use to organise, monitor and communicate using this social network

Pretty Picture

Besides its move towards expanded tweets, another big change you just can’t help but notice are the design changes on Twitter profile pages.  One of our favorites is the header photos (think Facebook for business cover photo).  Businesses now have an opportunity to grab their followers attention with a branding message, a link and a photo that creates branding continuity across all their social channels and even into the Twitter’s mobile device applications.

Goodbye and Hello

If you’ve neglected visiting your LinkedIn account in a while and still think you are delivering valuable information to your network connections via Twitter syncing, well, think again.  Twitter ended its LinkedIn integration in 2012.  After closing that door, the social network said hello to a more robust relationship with Facebook.  Businesses need to take a look at their social media marketing strategy and find new ways to build upon this relationship between the two social network giants.

How does your business keep up with all the changes in social networking?  Do you do this in-house or do you uses a social media agency?  Please share with our audience in the comments below.


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