How To Turbocharge Your Business’s Social Media Marketing Strategy in Six Steps

Turbocharge Your Business’s Social Media Marketing Strategy in SIX STEPS

Social media marketing is easy when you have social marketing tips like the ones in our latest blog post.  Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, blogging and email marketing: Business owners will find plenty of value in the following social network strategy tips.  So if you are ready to increase your social media marketing IQ, take a few moments to read our newest social marketing blog post.

Psychology 101

Do you use Twitter for business to discover and curate customer testimonials?  According to the theory of social proof, individuals look to the advice and actions of others to resolve an insecurity about making making a decision.  By sharing positive tweets from others on your business’s website, you can use social influence to increase the likelihood of converting visitors to purchasers.

Face Off

Did you know that Pinterest drives more traffic to websites than any other social network besides Facebook?  Here’s another interesting insight you should know about Pinterest for business.  If you don’t include human faces in your Pinterest pins, the likelihood of those pins being shared will increase by up to 23%.

Content Matters

Is your business having a hard time discovering topics to create valuable content for your fans and followers?  This can often be a dilemma for those in B2B industries.  One valuable and often ignored source for social marketing content is LinkedIn for business – especially the discussions going on in LinkedIn groups.

Watchful Eye

Ever wondered how that other business – who targets the same demographic audience – is performing so well with its Facebook for business page?  Here’s a hint: You can easily keep an eye on your competition and see exactly how they are using Facebook to engage and convert.  Visit your Facebook Insights, click overview and scroll down to the Pages to Watch section where you can add and keep a watchful eye on your competitors’ pages.

Back in Focus

Has your concentration on your social media marketing caused your business to lose sight of growing its email marketing list?  If so, then now is the time to turn your focus back to email list building with a combination strategy which includes blogging for business and social networks.  And to help you jumpstart the process, we wanted to share an expert guide to growing a massive email list with your blog.

Photo Finish

How’s your Instagram for business social media marketing strategy working?  In order to improve anything, sometimes it helps to just return to and focus on the basics.  To improve your Instagram photos start by focusing on photography’s rule of thirds which states that you can make your images more appealing to the human eye by placing your subject matter in only two-thirds of the shot.

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