Tips for Turning Your Google+ for Business Content Into a Social SEO Powerhouse

Is social media SEO using the Google+ social network on your business’s top-level to-do list?  Many brands are ignoring the power of Google+ for business.  They don’t see value in utilising the social network as a part of their brand’s social marketing strategy.  This is a mistake.  We’re going to explain why and share tips for turning your Google+ content into a social SEO powerhouse.

Facts and Figures

There really is no question anymore as to the importance of Google+ as it pertains to search engine optimisation.  In fact, as this social SEO article explains, “After Page Authority, a URL’s number of Google +1s is more highly correlated with search rankings than any other factor.”  Along with that factor, the social network’s posts are “crawled and indexed almost immediately”, your PageRank benefits due to “do follow” links, and  “Google+ is optimised for semantic relevance” which is a highly-important factor in Google’s search algorithm.

Perfect Your Page Profile

Your Google+ Page is often the first impression you will make on both search engine spiders and human visitors.  Make sure your tagline and introduction include relevant, popular keywords related to your business.  Remember, only the first 160 characters will be used in the all-important meta description, so grab the search spiders and human visitors attention immediately.  Also, include an html link to your website/blog in your introduction and make use of link real estate in the “other links” section as well.

Locals Only

Does your business have a physical location? If so, you need to start by claiming your Google+ Local Page.  Next, make sure to write your business description – this is the content which will show up in the meta description in search engine results – with the keywords visitors are using to find you online.

Value-Added Posts

Posting regular status updates with valuable content is important for engaging your followers on this social network.  But don”t forget, these Google+ updates can also be optimised for SEO purposes.  Besides adding relevant keywords, post updates with linked content which points back to one of your business’s blogs or other brand content.  Not only will you drive traffic back to your content, but these “do follow” links give you valuable search engine juice.

Don’t discount the importance of Google+ for business and for growing your brand’s online exposure in both the social media universe and the search engines.  Have you seen a bump in your search engine rankings due to this social network?  Please share your experiences and tips in the comments below.

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