Tips for Using Photos to Grow Your Social Media Presence

Engage and grow your social media audience with images.  If you are not following that advice, then you need to reconsider your social media marketing strategy.  When it comes to social actions like sharing, liking, and commenting; photos rule.  Look at the amazing growth of social networks like Instagram and Pinterest.  The popularity of these two social channels alone should get your photo marketing engine into overdrive.  Let’s take a look at a few strategies for using photos on Facebook, Pinterest and other social marketing channels.

Know Your Audience

Before developing and implementing any social photo strategy, you must understand your target audience.  This might seem like a given but it is often overlooked.  The real key to this tip is that you need to know what kind of photos will tap into the emotions of your audience.  Remember, your goal is to get a reaction that leads to an action.

Don’t Fly Solo

This is a tip for engaging your Facebook fans.  Postmultiplephotos at once (I like to post 4 or more) and Facebook will show a full-size image along with multiple thumbnails.  Your fans are more likely to click your photos in order to see all of the images.  Even if your fans do not share, comment or like your photos, the click shows Facebook your content is worthy of being delivered to a higher percentage of your fans’ news feeds.

Empower Others

Events – grand opening of store, festivals, workshops, etc. – give businesses an excellent opportunity to use photos.  Create a board on Pinterest specific to your event.  Open your board up to your fans and allow them to pin their photos on it.  Use Facebook and Twitter to cross promote your Pinterest board, pin a few photos to get the ball rolling, and watch your fanbase grow.

Give Them What They Want

Giveaways, contests and promotions are great for generating engagement and growing your audience.  When you pair these tactics with photos, you have a recipe for social success.  Get creative and come up with fun ways to get your audience involved.  Create a Facebook contest where fans tag themselves and your business in photos.  Then allow your fans to vote on the winner.  This not only engages your fans but it also spreads your contest to their friends which helps grow your exposure and fan base.

No matter how you choose to do it, a heavy dose of photos injected into your social media marketing strategy will definitely grow and engage your audience.  Try a few different approaches on various social networks and find out what works best with your specific audience.  Then take those strategies and repeat them again and again.

Do you have any tips or strategies for growing your social media presence with photos?  Please share them below.


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