Three Twitter Tips That You Will Not Read Anywhere Else

Did our headline grab your attention?  Well, that’s great news!  However, our teaser promising three Twitter tips that you will not read anywhere else is not really true.  Do you find that somewhat disingenuous of us?  We’re sorry.  However, there really is a point to it.  We’ll share more on that in a moment.

A Promise Kept

If your business is using Twitter as part of its social media marketing strategy, then you will want to read on further.  We are going to divulge three top tips to help you use Twitter to grow your business and connect with your customers.  And that is a promise we are going to keep.  So if you are ready, let’s get started.

Be a Straight-Shooter

If you read our headline – only to feel betrayed once you began reading our blog post – then just think how your customers will feel if they read your tweet, click your link and end up landing on non-related content.  Our first tip is to build trust with your social network customers by always being a straight-shooter with your Twitter content.  Create short, eye-catching tweets that beg to be retweeted, but more importantly, link to related content that delivers even more value than your followers expect.

Are You Trendy?

Twitter trends give you the opportunity to quickly read about what people are discussing online.  But did you know that you could customise Twitter trends to show you information that is relative to your business and your customers.  Make good use of this social marketing tool by getting target market and target audience data in real time and stay steps ahead of your competition.

More Than Words

Does your business continue to send out Twitter content comprised of text-only tweets.  If so, now is the time to dive head first into the world of visual Twitter content.  And while tweeting out photos is a great way to do this, we strongly suggest your brand start using Vine.  These short social videos allow your business to showcase its products and services in a fun, creative way to your social media community.

So there you have it, three Twitter for business tips to help you continue to make the most of your social media marketing efforts.  What types of Twitter strategies do you find working for your business?  Please share your secrets in our comments below.

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