Three Fresh Tips for Boosting Your Facebook for Business Success

Has your Facebook for business page social media strategy become stagnant?  Have you run out of social marketing ideas to help grow your Facebook fan page?  Have no fear.  We’ve got three fresh tips to help you engage and grow your social community while improving your business’s social networking ROI.

So are you ready?  Here’s three fresh tips for boosting your Facebook for business success.  And when you’re done reading, please make sure to add your thoughts or tips of your own in the comments below this post.


To create content that your Facebook fans will engage with, you’ll first need to understand who those fans are and how they participate while using this social network.  Taking the time to get to know your fans will help you create a social media content strategy that gives your business’s posts more likes, shares and comments.  This can be a complicated process but we found a great social marketing infographic that illustrates the, “7 Types of Social Media Fans and How to Make the Most of Them.”

Calling All Cover Photos

If you haven’t heard the news, Facebook fan pages for businesses can once again place calls to action and contact information on their cover photos.  These relaxed cover photo rules still place a 20 percent text limitation on cover photos.  However, now there is no reason you shouldn’t use your cover photo to promote your special business offers, showcase your business website address and contact information, drive visitors to sign up for your email newsletter and any other way you can increase your business or enhance your marketing efforts.

You Are Here

Does your business have a physical location?  If your answer was yes, then you definitely need to start taking advantage of Facebook Nearby and utilising Facebook’s Check-In feature for mobile social media users.  Create special promotions associated with check-ins or reward Facebook fans who check-in to your location with giveaways and contests: These are just two ideas for using this feature.  Remind your customers when they visit your business to check-in with signage and by telling them.  And before they walk out the door, ask them to use their mobile device and Facebook app to give you a recommendation or review for other social network users to see.


These three tips for boosting your Facebook for business success are not hard to implement.  Plus, you can get creative and come up multiple ways to apply these three social media marketing ideas.  Do you have any ideas you would like to share with our readers?  Please do so in the comment section below.


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