The Twists and Turns of the LinkedIn Professional Social Network in 2012

Your favorite professional social network underwent a lot of changes in 2012.  LinkedIn made changes to personal profiles and company pages, acquired Slideshare, dropped and added functionality, and made an effort to improve its mobile app.  Here are a few of the changes this social marketing tool for professionals made in the past year.

 The Simple Things

One of the biggest changes users of this professional social network noticed right away in 2012 was the new look and feel of the LinkedIn Homepage.  The simple design mimics some of the better design qualities of Facebook and Google+.  But along with a simple design, users will also notice that their Homepage has more functionality and customisation options.

Following Suit

Businesses using this social media marketing channel to connect with prospects, customers and contacts via a LinkedIn company page will notice that the look and feel are eerily similar to the personal Homepages.  There are a few differences like the large photo (think Facebook cover photo) and targeted status updates.  However, the overall design flows much better and feels less cluttered than the old company page design.

 Stealth Mode

Are you thinking that its time to look for greener pastures and find a new employer.  Now you don’t have to worry about your boss’s prying eyes looking over your shoulder in your cubicle or keeping an eye on your LinkedIn personal profile.  Just grab your favorite mobile device, download the LinkedIn app, and the social network will deliver relevant jobs right in your recent updates stream.

On the Go

Mobile social media solutions are a high priority for social networks.  LinkedIn understands the importance of having a robust mobile app.  Some of the cool new mobile features added in 2012 include access to company pages, profile editing, real-time notifications and more.

Acquiring Signal

You probably read that LinkedIn acquired Slideshare in 2012.  The biggest benefit for users is that you can now share Slideshare content to your professional network on LinkedIn.  Share your company presentations or share valuable content that will help your connections.  Either way, this is a major plus for LinkedIn users looking to leverage their social network on LinkedIn.

Pat on the Back

By now, you must have heard of LinkedIn endorsements.  Don’t ignore this feature that LinkedIn introduced in 2012.  Not only is it a quick way to get a recommendation from a colleague, but with recruiters and managers now reviewing social media, these endorsements could help you land your next job.

What’s your favorite new feature of LinkedIn?  Please share with our readers in the comments below.



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