The Social Media News Your Business Needs to Know Right Now

This week’s social media news is full of important information on a number of social networks.  Embedded posts, IPOs, social marketing ads: Read on and you’ll find information on those subjects and much more in our latest blog.  If we left out some important social media marketing information, please feel free to include yours in the comments below.

The Big Picture

Does your Facebook for business page share link posts with your fans?  If so, you may have noticed that the social network has phased out the smaller thumbnail images that accompany Facebook link posts.  When your brand shares a link, the smaller thumbnail image is now converted into a much larger image.  Don’t just shrug this update off.  Use it to your advantage and change out the thumbnail with a more visually appealing image when needed.

Rumor No More

It’s probably not too hard to believe the following news.  In fact, there have been many rumors floating around the social media world that this day would come.  It was finally reported that the photo-sharing and video-sharing social network Instagram is laying the groundwork for Instagram ads.  As the sort-of famous CEO Mark Zuckerberg was once quoted as saying, “Kevin [Systrom] has always been clear that we’re building Instagram to be at business and that we expect that over time we’re going to generate a lot of profit from it and probably through advertising.”

In the Public Eye

Speaking of making money, Facebook and LinkedIn will soon welcome Twitter to the wonderful world of IPOs.  That’s right, you can go ahead and tweet your friends and tell them that Twitter will soon be a publicly-owned social network.  Of course, if you’ve been following the hashtag #TwitterIPO, then you already know all about this news.

Following Suit

It wasn’t too long ago that Socialface told you that Facebook would soon allow you to embed your Facebook posts on your business’s blog or website.  Not to be upstaged by the world’s largest social network, it now seems that the social network with ties to the world’s most popular search engine has also added the same feature for its users.  You can now embed public Google+ posts with fully interactive features on other sites.

Getting Real

There has been a lot of chatter recently about Facebook hashtag best practices and whether or not hashtags on Facebook should be a part of a business’s social media strategy.  Well, just as we expected, the social network does seem to have a plan for this feature.  Its been reported that Facebook will introduce a real-time feed – much like Twitter’s trending topics – in the near future.

What are your thoughts on the news we’ve shared?  Have any social media news you would like to share?  Please use our comment section below.

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