The secret of successful blogging for your business

Successful blogging for business

Last month, we tackled the big, bold predictions about what will be big in social media for business this year.

Right up there among our favourite predictions for 2012 was that businesses – big and small – will increasingly get into publishing.

That’s right: publishing.

Many businesses have already embraced content marketing.  They develop their own engaging content and share it directly to their target audience via their company-branded blog or newsletter.


How a blog helps our business

For us at socialface, blogging is fundamental to our digital strategy.  We recommend it to many of our clients (but certainly not every client) and we offer blogging services.

The socialface blog serves five important purposes for us.

  1. It serves as a forum to answer the questions our clients typically ask.  The blogging format enables us to give more than a perfunctory response.
  2. It provides us with original content for our social media – like our Facebook, Google+ and LinkedIn pages, and our Twitter account.  (If you haven’t already connected with us, please do!)
  3. It proves that we keep abreast of developments in social media.  On the blog, we curate the best content from overseas and Australia, while sharing tips and stories from our experience.
  4. It pushes us to keep learning and looking for that edge for our clients.  We read widely and critically, and we think strategically about what current trends means for your business.  We’re all from different backgrounds – marketing, business development, finance, public policy, and law amongst them – and we appreciate the perspective each other brings to the table.
  5. It’s fun.  We enjoy it.  Plain and simple.


Why your business should have a blog

Blogging is not for every business.

It’s for businesses that want to broaden their reach through social media, establish their authority as a thought leader in their industry, and put in the hard yards to build and nurture a loyal reader base.

More people will find you online because your blog will help your web visibility and your search engine rankings. And when they do find you, the great content on your blog establishes your credibility and authority.  The evidence that you are an expert in your field and know your stuff is right before the eyes of your prospective clients, partners or even employees.

Content marketing is not a short-term fix.  Done well and given time, it will provide return on your investment and lead generation.


Tell us

Why did you start blogging?  And what keeps you going?


One thought on “The secret of successful blogging for your business

  1. Eacsoft says:

    Great post, it really stresses the importance of keeping a blog with high quality content for your business. Now that social media is crucial for getting traffic to your site it’s pretty much the way to go.

    We’ve just started focusing on content marketing. I like your writing and we would be honoured to have you write a guest post on our blog. If you are interested just send us and email and we will get back to you. Have a good one!

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