The essential A-list for your Facebook business page

Is your business getting the value from your Facebook page?

Here’s our 6 point checklist to evaluate your page yourself.  No Facebook expertise required!


1. Is your page ATTRACTIVE?

Does your page have a professional design?  Do the images support your brand?


2.  Are your recent posts APPROPRIATE?

How do they position your business and your brand?


3. Is your page ACTIVE?

Do you have at least a few posts each week?


4.  Is your page ATTENTIVE?

Have you responded to each and every post, question or comment by fans on your business page?


5.  Is your page tone AMICABLE?

Have you started conversations by asking questions, answering questions, or just sharing some great content?


6.  Is your key marketing message APPARENT?

Does at least one of your recent posts cover that one thing that you most want your customers to know about your business?


Tell us

How did you go?

If you scored less than full marks, it’s time to review your strategy.  We’d recommend having a read of our post on why design, personality and consistency matter on Facebook.


Socialface is a social media agency based in Sydney, Australia.  We like lists.  We especially like to-do lists and bucket lists.  Come say hello to us on Facebook or Twitter.

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