Take the Time to Get to Know Twitter Custom Timelines Today

Have you heard about Twitter custom timelines?  If not, then now is your opportunity.  This new social media marketing tool is going to give businesses creative new ways to reach their social network community.  We’re going to show you how.

New on the Scene

Recently, Twitter shared a new feature – the ability to create more than one Twitter Timeline.  Not only can businesses create more than one timeline, but these timelines are also portable which allows you to embed the content outside of your Twitter for business channel.  Many social network talking heads see this as a move to compete with the growing popularity of Storify and its embeddable content.

Multiple Choice

What can you do with multiple, custom Twitter timelines?  We’ll share a few ideas in a moment.  Before we go down that path, let’s discuss a few of the basics about this new social marketing tool from Twitter.

Back to Basics

To use this new feature, you’ll need access to Tweetdeck or to hire a developer to build a tool for you using the social network’s API.  Each custom timeline will have its own permalink page which allows you to embed outside of Twitter or point users to a location on the social network.  Creating multiple timelines in Tweetdeck is as easy as dragging and dropping tweets.

Question at Hand

So, once again, are you wondering how your business can take advantage of this new Twitter for business tool?  There are obvious uses now, and then as more and more people take advantage of this new social media tool, more creative uses will appear.  In general terms, your business can create custom streams around events, breaking news, specific topics, etc.  However, there are also some cool, specific uses, as well.

Share the Love

Does your business share testimonials on its website?  Now you can create a custom Twitter Timeline full of tweets from customers sharing their love for your products or services.  Then, embed that stream on your website and point prospects to your Twitter testimonials in your marketing materials.

Two for One

Visitors to your website often arrive looking for a particular product or service.  Prospective customers also research social networks like Facebook, Pinterest and Twitter before making purchasing decisions.  Instead of forcing them to sort through tweets, why not create custom streams devoted to a product/service and embed that content on product/service page.  Now, you’ve solved a problem and pushed your prospects one-step farther down the sales funnel.

Those are two ideas to get your business started with custom Twitter Timelines.  As this tool is rolled out to everyone, we’ll share more tips to add to your social marketing toolkit.  Can you think of any now?  Please share in the comments below.





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