Supercharge Your Facebook Ads Strategy with Social Social Media Storytelling

Supercharge Your Facebook Ads Strategy with Social Social Media Storytelling

Looking for a Facebook advertising strategy proven to deliver an 87 percent increase in landing page visits and 56 percent more email subscriptions over traditional sustained call-to-action ad campaigns?  We recently stumbled upon an eye-opening approach to social media advertising on Facebook which focuses on storytelling.  In this blog post, we will introduce you to sequenced ads and tips for making the most of this valuable Facebook Ad strategy.

Sequenced Ads vs. Call-to-Action Ads

What is a sequenced ad campaign and how does it differ from traditional social media for business advertising?  A traditional, sustained call-to-action ad campaign features stand-alone ads which have a singular purpose.  The purpose of these types of social marketing ads is to have someone click the add and follow-through with a desired action (E.g., subscribe to ENewsletter, purchase a product, download an app, etc.).

Social Media Sales Funnel

How would a Facebook for business sequenced ad campaign differ from one-off ad campaigns?  You could easily compare this social advertising strategy with an email drip campaign which leads prospects down a sales funnel.  This campaign features different sequenced ads which focus on brand awareness through storytelling – each ad taking the prospect farther down the funnel.

Facebook Sequenced Ads Example

Should your business use this type of Facebook advertising if you wish to accomplish the same end results we utilise call-to-action ad campaigns for like ENews sign-ups, coupon purchases, EBook downloads etc?  You can and should (please refer to the statistics in the intro paragraph) test sequenced ads for these same purposes.  With this Facebook advertising strategy, you could take a three-step approach and use the first ad to tell your brand story, the second to provide product information and the third as your call-to-action (sign-up, purchase, etc.).

Facebook Ad Targeting

As we mentioned above, the increase in desired actions for sequenced ads was significant and these higher conversion rates came even when prospects saw only one or two of the sequenced ads.  How can you ensure you reaching the right audience to see these types of conversion rates?  The study used Facebook lookalike audiences and you could also employ Facebook website custom audience strategies as well.

Sequenced Ad Campaign Tips

Are you having a hard time wrapping your head around this sequential Facebook ads strategy?  While the sales funnel approach is not new, using a sequence of social media ads leading individuals is definitely new to most businesses and brands.  Because of that, we suggest you check out this social marketing infographic sharing five tips for creating sequenced ad campaigns on Facebook.

What are your opinions on this advertising strategy for Facebook?  Please share your thoughts in our comments.

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