Stop Writing Social Media Marketing Content Until You Read These Social Media Copywriting Tips

Looking for social media copywriting tips to take your social marketing strategy to new heights in 2014?  We are happy to provide our readers with a few social marketing copywriting basics to help grow their business.  And don’t worry if you feel like your writing skills are almost non-existent, the following tips will help writers and marketers of any skill level and experience improve their online social marketing content.

King of the Castle

Has your business been living by the long-standing notion that content is king?  Your first tip is to throw that notion out with yesterday’s trash, and start your online content strategy by realising that it is your customer that is king and not your content.  Once you understand your target market and social community, then you develop the content that bows down to their needs and desires.

Don’t Hold Back

Once upon a time, brands gave away just enough “teaser” content to funnel readers towards the next gate (often an email sign-up or paid membership) where they would find the most important valuable content.  In today’s environment with so much free content available, your brand can no longer afford to follow this copywriting strategy.  Instead, don’t hold anything back and use your blog content to share your expertise, give your fans and followers solutions to their problems and to build a trust that leads to a long-lasting customer relationship.

Search and Find

Does your copywriting for social networks include an emphasis on social seo strategy?  From Facebook for business posts to tweets on Twitter, your copywriting should include an emphasis on popular, industry-related keywords.  Beyond keyword content, here are a few more ways to improve your social seo in your copywriting and social marketing.

Sales Team

Have you read over and over that you should not sell with your social marketing content?  Actually, you should sell, but you need to sell in a subtle fashion.  Your business can do this by writing content that solves a problem, helps readers achieve a goal or shares ways to succeed by avoiding risk.

Ask and Receive

Another copywriting skill that will definitely boost your social marketing ROI is learning to write good calls to action.  If you want your fans to share your Instagram content, click a link to download a whitepaper, retweet your Twitter content, or perform any other action, then you need to prompt them to do so.  Read this article discussing the most effective calls to action on Twitter for insight on how to entice specific actions from your social communities.

What social media copywriting tips would you add to our list?  Help us help our readers by sharing yours in the comments below.




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