Stop Using LinkedIn Groups Today Unless You Follow This Advice

LinkedIn Groups can be a vital piece of your social media strategy.  They can be an excellent social network tool to establish you and your business as the goto expert in the field.  LinkedIn Groups have also provided many brands an excellent online location for prospecting and networking.  But like any social marketing activity, professional groups on LinkedIn can also be a big waste of time.  Here’s our advice for how to not waste your time, energy and money and to turn your LinkedIn Group into a supercharged lead and sales machine.

Narrow Your Focus

Don’t try to cover all the bases with your group.  Narrow your focus and find a niche in your market that is underserved.  If your business provides a service to a wide-range professionals, target a specific group of those professionals (i.e. upper-level human resource managers for financial organisations instead of just human resource professionals) and focus your energy growing a vibrant group that is different from any other group on LinkedIn in its offerings.

Connect Your Connections

This is jumping a little ahead of the game if we were showing you sequential steps for starting your group.  But we’re not.  And this tip is very important.  Your LinkedIn Group is the perfect place to connect your LinkedIn contacts with each other to grow your group, increase your influence and grow your network.  Here’s a step-by-step guide to get you started.

Attract and Promote

Use keywords specific to the targeted niche your group will serve to create your group’s title and description in order to attract the right audience.  But don’t just sit back and wait for the social media crowds to knock down your virtual front door.  Promote your group by sending invitations to your connections, connect your group to your LinkedIn Company Page, send out tweets on Twitter, post on your Facebook for business page, include a link in your blog and monthly newsletter – just promote it every chance you get.

Show Up and Lead with Authority

Your LinkedIn Group has your business’s name on it.  Are you going to sit back and let someone else be the star of the show?  Make sure to monitor, manage and lead your group on a regular basis.  If your group is going to position you as a thought leader in your industry and delivers sales leads, then you better start showing up and leading with authority.

Last But Not Least

Using the previous tips will give you a strong foundation to grow your group and allow you to see a nice ROI from the work you put in using this social media marketing tool.  However, if you are totally unfamiliar with groups, we would recommend that you first join a few groups on LinkedIn to familiarise yourself with how they work and to learn how to build influential connections with them.  Now that we think about it, maybe we should have made that the first tip in this list!

Are you a LinkedIn Group superstar?  Share your tips for how you grew your business’s group in the comments below.

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