Stop Reading the Gossip Page and Read Our Important Social Media News Instead

Are Instagram and Klout part of your social media strategy?  Do you monitor your competitor’s Facebook Pages?  If so, then you definitely want to read our latest edition of our social media marketing news which covers those stories and much more..

The Name Game

Do you manage a team of Facebook for business page admins who create social media posts for your business and engage with your fans by replying to their comments?  As of the 20th of February, the name of the Facebook admin who made the post or wrote the comment will show up along with that social content and also in the activity log.  Like your Facebook Insights data, these admin names will only be visible to other admins, but will provide Page managers with another layer of accountability.

Instant Information

Are you looking for research data to help convince your boss that Instagram for business is no passing fad and should be implemented as part of your social marketing strategy?  A recent study showing the rise of Instagram marketing with prestige brands is a good place to start.  This study is packed with important data and insights.

Latest Trend

We’ve recently read reports of the downwardly spiraling trend of Facebook hashtag use.  Even with this news, your business may not want to give up on adding hashtags to its Facebook strategy.  The social network – which recently introduced its Trending feature in the News Feed – has been testing an extension of that feature called Trending Hashtags.

Pass or Fail

Have you noticed a different look and feel to your Twitter for business account?  Well, your company may or may not have a new Twitter design at the time of this blog post.  The micro-blogging social network is testing a new Twitter profile design that resembles both Facebook and Google+ for business, but that design may have failed to pass the test by the time you read this.

Always Watching

Do you use the Pages to Watch option in your Facebook admin panel to keep up with your company’s competition?  In the past, you could only see how many likes your competitors’ Pages received.  Facebook recently added “Posts This Week” and “Engagement This Week” information which can be very beneficial to your own social media marketing strategy.

Buy or Sell

Are you one of those business owners who pays attention to your Klout score?  The social media measurement company has been facing troubling times as of late.  Reports are now saying that it will soon be purchased by another social media company for $100 million which seems to point to Klout being around for a while.

What social media marketing news have you discovered recently.  Please share with our readers in our comments below.

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