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How do you keep up with social media marketing news and updates?  The simple way to stay ahead of the social marketing curve is to read our blog.  Each week, we share social media news, the latest updates to your favorite social networks, the newest features and tools to add to your social marketing strategy and much more.  Are you ready?

Pencil it In

Do you schedule your Facebook for business posts directly through the social network instead of using a third-party app like Hootsuite or Buffer?  If so, you’ll be happy to know that scheduling Facebook posts is getting easier.  Most – if not all – of you should see a few changes related to how you schedule posts on your business page very soon.  How do you like the new scheduling features?

Show and Tell

Many of you utilise LinkedIn Company Pages as part of your ongoing social media marketing strategy.  Now, if your company offers a variety of products and services which appeal to different target audiences, you can take advantage of a new feature – LinkedIn Showcase Pages.  The professional social network created this new feature to allow companies to share their content to a smaller niche audience who may be interested in a product offering (i.e. iPnones) instead of an entire company (i.e. Apple)..

Narrow Your Focus

Are you a fan of paid social marketing advertising on your Twitter for business account?  The company recently announced new features to help users enhance their mobile targeting in advertising campaigns.  Your brand can now target Twitter users – not only by iOS or Android – but also by operating system version, WiFi connectivity or the specific mobile device.

Size Matters

If you haven’t noticed already, Google+ has once again tinkered with the look and feel of users cover photos.  Your Google+ for business page cover photos are now 2120px x 1192px with the same aspect ratio of 16 x 9.  Visitors to your page on Google’s social network will now see your cover photo in full instead of having to click and scroll to see the entire image.

Digging Deeper

We don’t spend a lot of time talking about the social news site Digg here in our blog posts.  However, many businesses take advantage of its popularity as part of their social media seo and traffic-building strategy.  For those reasons – and because social video is a growing segment of social marketing – we thought you would find the newly-introduced Digg video section an interesting and useful tidbit of news you might have missed.

Have you spotted any new social marketing news that we missed?  Please share yours in the comments below.





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