Stay Ahead of Your Competition with Our Weekly Social Media Marketing Update

What’s newsworthy in social media marketing this week?  We’re glad you asked?  Here’s our weekly social marketing blog post delivering you and your business the latest and greatest in the world of social networking.

Second Chance

Hate that you have to delete your Facebook for business posts and start over again from scratch when you spot a typo or a make another mistake?  Those days are soon to be a thing of the past.  The social network recently began rolling out the ability to edit Facebook posts across all platforms.  Have you seen this feature on your Facebook company page yet?


There were whispers – well, actually shouts – from SEO folks that Google was plotting ways to influence search results in their favour when Google+ was first introduced.  Many feared that businesses and brands would be forced to fall in line with the search engine giant and use its social network in order to show up in the top Google search results.  We’re not here to jump on the conspiracy bandwagon, but we will tell you that Google+ hashtag content is now supported by the Google search engine.

All Aboard!

Are you an iPhone or iPad user running iOS 7?  If so, you certainly don’t have to worry about your social networks not falling in line with the look and feel of the latest software update from Apple.  We’ve told you about Facebook and Twitter updating their mobile apps.  Now, the social photo-sharing app Instagram is the latest to jump on the iOS 7 bandwagon.

Data Driven

Successful social media marketing strategies analyse social network data in order and put that knowledge to work.  There is nothing new or groundbreaking in that statement.  What may be new and relevant to you, is that your business – if it has access to Twitter advertising – can use Twitter analytics to gain more insight and increase your social marketing ROI with Twitter.

Read On

Does your business use Pinterest as part of its social network marketing plans?  Have you been going beyond pinning photos and sharing relevant, valuable articles as well?  If so, your brand is not alone.  Pinning articles has become so popular that Pinterest has announced a new look for article pins which includes providing more information on the pin making content easier to find, share and save.

Have you spotted anything new on the social media landscape recently that we did not cover in this week’s social network news update?  We – as well as our readers – would love to read all about it.  Please make sure to share all your social marketing news, tips or share your opinion on any of the above information in our comment section below.




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