Are You Spending Enough Time on Your Pinterest and Instagram Image?

Image is everything in social media marketing.  Well, in this case, we’re talking about how important photos are to your brand’s social network initiatives.  In today’s blog post, we’ll share Pinterest best practices and Instagram tips to help you take advantage of your social community’s affinity for posting, viewing, sharing and engaging with photographs.

Designed for Success

We’re willing to bet your business takes the time to plan for success when it comes to its balance sheet, promotional calendar, sales goals and other important business operations.  The same should hold true for your visual social media for business marketing strategy.  Here’s a great social media article to help you understand and plan for a visual design branding strategy for your Instagram and Pinterest social networks.

Tracking Traffic

Does your business use UTM tracking codes and Google Analytics to dig deep into your website and blog traffic which comes from your social media posts.  In the past, Pinterest stripped these UTM parameters from your Pinterest Pins.  This is no longer the case, so your business should put this at the top of its to-do list and add custom URLs to its photos on Pinterest.


One of the biggest mistakes any business can make when it comes to its social networks is to not analyse any of its social media data.  Your company may like to use a tool like Statigram to see which Instagram filters receive the most engagement from your followers.  Experiment with multiple photo filters on your Instagram for business account, weed out what isn’t working, and amplify the use of the filters which gain more likes and comments.

Location, Location, Location

Most businesses understand the usefulness of tagging when it comes to people.  However, if you own a business with a physical location, your social marketing strategy should include photos with location-based tags.  Use geo-tags with Instagram photos and Place Pins with Pinterest to expose more people to your business.

Broken Promises

When was the last time you checked your outgoing and internal links on your website or blog?  We’d be willing to bet that you may have never reviewed your Pinterest for business hyperlinks or your links in your Instagram photo descriptions.  Take the time to review those links because the last thing you want to do is to lose customers because they end up clicking an outdated link.

 What are some of your favourite tips for Instagram or Pinterest strategies?  Share yours in the comments below as our readers would love to hear from you.




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