Socialface Testimonial – RJ Cox

Thanks to Shona and your wonderful team. We currently have one of our USA suppliers in town and they are blown away with our professional social media marketing. Mobile Pack are just so impressed with the regular FB posts and website BLOGS. I would love to take all the credit (well I did bring you guys on board) – but a massive thanks. Job EXTREMELY well done 🙂

-Joanne Cox, RJ Cox

If you’d like to develop a strategy to ensure your business is using social media effectively, we’d love to help.



Socialface is a social media management agency based in Sydney, Australia.

Every day we post, tweet, blog and pin for businesses around the world, if you’d like to work with send us a note on what you need help with by clicking here.

We know social, we stay on top of the fast paced changes and we make our clients look great online.

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