Social Media and Sales Can Coexist without Scaring Away Fans and Followers

Social Media and Sales Can Coexist without Scaring Away Fans and Followers

Think selling on social media is a bad thing?  Have you heard the doom and gloom of those who say social marketing and sales can not coexist?  In this blog post, we’re going to bust the myth that selling on social networks will banish your business to the outer limits of the online universe.

Full-Time Social Selling Fail

Want to drive away all your social network followers?  Spending all of your energy posting nothing but sales pitches is a surefire way to do just that.  The truth with sales on social media is that you need to keep the self-promotion to a minimum or find a way to discreetly sell to your followers.

Increase Sales and Please Fans

Your social media for business strategy must find the right balance between selling and sharing.  We could give you a generic formula (E.g., 2 sales pitches for every 13 non-sales posts), but that would be dishonest and offer no real help.  The only way your business can find what works for your particular audience is to test, review results and test some more.

Grow Your Email List

So, if you shouldn’t sell all the time on your social networks, then how can you get more sales pitches to your Twitter followers and Facebook fans?  One simple solution is to use your social marketing efforts – whether that is organic posts or paid ads – to drive social users to your lead-capturing email forms.  Grow your email list with social media and then sell, sell sell to your subscribers.

Local Business Sales and Facebook

Do you own a local business with a physical presence? If you aren’t using Facebook for business strategies like Facebook contests, boosted posts, Facebook offers and events, then you are missing out on a lot of sales opportunities.  Read how to increase sales on Facebook from Post Planner for some real world examples on how to combine selling and social marketing.

Secret Weapon for Facebook Ad Campaign

Would you be interested in learning about a Facebook ad strategy which has shown to deliver 87% more view-throughs than traditional call-to-action ad campaigns?  The strategy is called sequential advertising and – like traditional social marketing – it uses storytelling and brand awareness to improve ROI.  Here’s an article and infographic sharing 5 tips for creating sequenced Facebook ad campaigns.

Social Network Direct Message Sales

One way to keep your social marketing and social selling separate is to use your social network’s direct messages to deliver coupons, sales pitches, promotions, etc.  Pinterest, Twitter, Instagram and other social channels offer ways to reach your fans and followers privately.  Use these tools to reach your brand advocates and customers with special offerings and keep your sales pitches out of the general population of social fans and followers.  .

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