Social media puppy love

Have you fallen into the puppy-for-Christmas trap of social media?

The puppy looks sweet and fun.  Sure, you’ll have to buy a few things and make a few adjustments initially.  But then he’ll fit right in with your lifestyle, right?  How much work can it really be?

Well, you know you’ll need to feed him and walk him daily.  You’ll have to toilet train him, discipline him, deal with damage on varying scales, and pay for the vet when he’s sick or injured.  He’ll need love and care day after day for the rest of his life, long after the novelty has worn off.

Social media puppy love

We’ve been chatting to businesses who are past the initial puppy love of social media.  They’ve set up their Facebook page, posted exuberantly for a week or two.  But despite the best of intentions, time and inspiration have failed them.

First it was a day between posts, then another, then another.  Now it’s been weeks or months since they posted.  They stare at an empty screen and blinking cursor not knowing what to say.

Worse still, they’ve sneaked a peak at a competitor’s Facebook page.  It has lots of fans and lots of activity.

Faced with two similar restaurants side by side, do you choose the one buzzing with customers and a line out the door?  Or do you choose the one that looks suspiciously quiet? It’s not a hard decision, is it?

Consistent care and attention

Facebook is built on engagement.  Your Facebook page, like that adorable little puppy, requires consistent care and attention.

If you’re not posting regularly and your fans aren’t clicking on, liking or commenting on your posts, then your page’s engagement score will drop.

This low engagement could mean your posts don’t hit your fans’ newsfeed and only people who go to your page will see your posts.  You’ll find yourself shouting into the wind.

When you are ready to test a new product launch, support a marketing campaign, attract staff, gain customer feedback, or even help manage some kind of problem, few of your fans will hear you.

Proper training

We swear by clarity and consistency.  We set up rules and routines and we stick to them. Your Facebook engagement, like your puppy, will love you for it.

Slipping up is still easy to do, of course, but it’s also easier to get back into it and on with it.

What is it for you?  What stops you from giving your Facebook page the love and attention you intended?  Is it time or inspiration?  Or it is something else entirely?

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