Simple Steps to Protect Your Business from a Social Media Disaster

Does your business have a social media policy in place?  Are you allowing everyone in your company – even the summer intern – access to all your social networks with no rules or policies for social media posting?  If you answered yes to either question, it’s time to push pause on your social marketing strategy and put some rules and regulations in place fast.

Safe or Sorry

Why do many businesses – large and small – not have any type of social networking policy in place for their company and employees?  It could be that they think it is just too complicated.  Actually, what is really complicated is recovering from the negativity and damaged reputation you receive when your brand has its own social media business disaster.  It’s always better to be safe than sorry, and our steps will help you do just that.

Laws of the Land

Before your brand decides to pull together a Facebook for business policy for your employees, you must first have a firm understanding of the laws of the land.  Know what is legal and the punishments your company can face for breaking local, national and international laws as they pertain to social media.  And don’t forget, you must also understand and follow all terms of use policies for every social network your business uses or risk having your accounts shut down.

Teamwork Trumps Chaos

To truly take control of your company Twitter accounts, Facebook page and other company-branded social network accounts, your business should create a social media team.  This team should be responsible for social media marketing strategy on all levels including planning, managing, monitoring and posting.  If your social networking is always in a state of chaos, then you are always one tweet or post away from disaster.

Here and There

To have an effective social media policy, your business must have two social media policies.  What do we mean by that?  Well, your policy must regulate employee activity when acting as an official representative of your company and when employees are using personal accounts.  We’re not talking censorship, but employees must understand what they can and can not say about your brand when using their personal social network accounts.

Go with a Pro

Just taking the above steps and also educating your team on a regular basis can help your business avoid a social media disaster that can damage your brand’s reputation permanently.  If you feel overwhelmed by the need to create a social network policy, then we suggest you seek the help of a social media manager or agency.  And remember, another side effect of taking the steps above will be that your social media marketing efforts are much more effective at delivering positive results for your business.

Has your brand implemented a social media policy?  Please share your tips in the comments below.


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