Social Media News You Can Use Today to Improve Your Social Marketing ROI

How can social media news help your business grow its bottom line and get a jump on your competition?  Well, our latest social marketing blog post is packed with news you can use.  The following social media marketing news is loaded with social network tools and updates that you start using today in your social media for business strategy.

 Action Hero

Want to add a call to action button to your Facebook Ads?  You can now find call to action buttons in the Facebook Ads Manager.  And if your business uses the Power Editor tool, then these buttons are available to insert in your organic posts as well.

Write it Down

Does your LinkedIn for business social marketing strategy include sharing valuable content on a LinkedIn Company Page?  Have you often wanted to share more valuable content on your LinkedIn Personal Profile to reach your personal network, showcase your expertise in your industry which will help boost your Company Page followers and bottom line?  Well, the social network for professionals just gave you that power by opening publishing power to all users.

Change is Good

Were you one of the business owners who – due to Facebook’s past Terms of Use policy – used a third-party company like Woobox to run your social marketing contests?  Once the social network’s policy changed and allowed brands to run contests directly through Facebook, these third-party contest companies had to add new features to retain customers.  Woobox just announced a host of new tools to help brands achieve better ROI with promoted posts and promoted offers, utilise website remarketing strategies and take advantage of audience management tools to identify the most effective audiences for your content.

Plug and Play

Google Chrome users have a cool, new social media photo editing tool just a few clicks away in the Chrome Web Store.  Photon is a free plugin which gives you a host of Instagram-style editing options for Facebook for business photos.  With this Google Chrome plugin, you can implement photo filters and effects, add edit and download buttons to your Facebook photos, upload and edit photos from a Chrome Tab, and utilise other cool Photon features.

Curate and Create

We recently wrote of a few changes going on over at Klout.  And now the company – which once focused solely on measuring social influence – just revealed even more information on changes and updates to their service.  According to the new company vision highlighted in a recent Klout blog post, “Leveraging our massive trove of social data and years of experience developing the topic graph, our new content platform helps Klout users be better content creators.”

Please use our comment section below to add your opinions, tips or recent social media marketing news that we missed.

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