This Social Media News Blog Post Covers a Wide-Range of Social Network Updates

Our social media news from Facebook, LinkedIn, Google, Twitter, Pinterest and Simply Measured will keep you informed on some of the latest social network updates and features.  In this week’s blog post, there is a little something for everyone.  If you have any social marketing news to share, please do so in our comments below.

On the Move

Do you use a device to track your health or a fitness app to keep you appraised of your daily exercise regime?  In case you didn’t hear yet, Facebook just purchased the mobile fitness app company Moves.  Keep your eyes on this acquisition as it could be very interesting for businesses advertising on Facebook and for social marketers using using the social network to stay connected with their target market.


Has your business implemented Google Analytics as a part of its social media strategy?  As you know by now, your customers and prospects are using a number or devices (laptops, tablets, smartphones, etc.) along with mobile apps to interact with your marketing content.  Google just made analyzing all your data easier by allowing you to now see web and mobile data in one single view.

Purely Professional

Photos should be a big part of any businesses social network plan.  Now, it looks like the people in charge of LinkedIn for business are also on board with photo sharing.  A new update to your LinkedIn mobile app will allow you to share photos – think portfolio items, conference photos, etc. – to your LinkedIn connections.

Tools of the Trade

Are you as big a fan of third-party social media tools for managing your Facebook posts, tracking your Twitter for business users and gaining insight into your Instagram followers?  If your business wants to gain a deeper insight into how its Facebook for business organic and paid strategy is working, then you may like to head over to Simply Measured.  The company recently announced an update which integrates fan pages’ Facebook Insights with Facebook Ads.

Higher IQ

Thanks to a recent update, your business’s Pinterest Pins just became easier to find.  The photo-pinning social network just added a new Guided Search feature to help users find content easier and faster.  The feature works by adding additional filters to a Pinterest user’s search (e.g., a search for “burger” could bring up filters like “vegan” or “recipes”) which enables a user narrow down their search items.

Counting Cards

Can we see a show of hands from the businesses using Twitter advertising?  Keep your eyes peeled for the new Twitter Website Cards.  This new ad unit will include a photo, text and a clickable url link to a brand’s website.

Please share your social media news, social marketing updates and latest social network features in our comments below.



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