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Time to shift your social media marketing gears into neutral, take a deep breath and catch up with what’s new with social networks and social media strategy.  Are you ready for our weekly feature sharing the latest and greatest in social marketing?  Pull up a chair, learn a little and then turn your newfound knowledge into business success.

An Apple a Day

By now, you most likely have heard about the latest, highly-successful Apple iphone release and the newest iOS 7.  The Twitter team obviously also heard about the latest operating system – and heard about it well ahead of the rest of us.  Why do I say that?  Well, take a look at the new Twitter mobile app update for iPhones and iPads and the great features that come with it.

Easy Does It

Sticking with the mobile theme, let’s talk about Facebook.  The social network giant made it known that they were committed to mobile innovation for their social media community, and their actions have backed up that commitment.  In another move to make the mobile experience better for their users, Facebook just announced that they are testing an easier way to watch video by having their News Feed videos start playing automatically – silently  – with the option to click and view the video with sound.

Sliding into Mobile

Many companies – especially those in B2B industries – use Slideshare to showcase their products, services and industry knowledge.  If you are one of these businesses, then you will be interested to know that the Slideshare mobile app is undergoing a bit of a makeover.  According to the official Slideshare Blog, the update provides more user-friendly social sharing options and offers, “a more visual element, which better showcases presentation thumbnails to help you discover content more easily.”

Doing Your Research

Keyword research is essential to a brand’s social media marketing content strategy.  Unfortunately for businesses and marketers, Google recently announced that their keyword research will no longer be made available except for those users researching keywords from their Google AdWords campaigns.  With the correlation between SEO and social search, this news means that businesses will need to take a long look at their content strategy and find new techniques to help their content rank higher in the search engines.

No Comment

Businesses using YouTube videos to connect with their customers and prospects will be glad to know that they now have more control over YouTube comments.  This long-awaited update pushes more engaging conversations to the top of the comment section and offers Google+ integration.  And maybe the biggest positive for brand reputation management, is that businesses can create a blacklist of words which will send comments to a moderation area before going live.

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