Stop Wasting Your Time with Social Media by Reading this Post

Are you wasting your time with social media?  Is your brand spending too much time trying to gain customers from Twitter?  Do your Facebook for business posts miss the mark?  Sure your business might know exactly who its target audience is, but are you actually reaching that audience with the social networks your business utilises in its social marketing strategy?

Barking Up the Wrong Tree

If you are responsible for your business’s social media marketing strategy, then you better pay attention to the content in this blog post.  Let me see: How can I say this?  You wouldn’t put your sales career on the line by trying to sell top-grade meat to a community of hardcore vegans.  So, why are you putting your job on the line by focusing your social marketing efforts on the wrong social networks?

Customer is Always Right

As I mentioned above, businesses must know who their target audience is no matter the marketing medium.  Where most social marketers have failed is that they do not understand the behavior of that target audience.  Consumer behavior – where they hang out online, how much time they spend there, what they do when they are there, and what actions occur after they leave there – is extremely important if you are going to see the kind of ROI that keeps your boss happy.

Tweet at Your Own Risk

For example, a very enlightening article from Social Media Examiner discussing consumer social media trends should be a big wake-up call if your brand spends more time on Twitter than its Facebook for business page.  According the article (which pulled its information from a recent Edison Research and Arbitron survey), “A whopping 79% of consumers prefer to connect with brands on Facebook, while only 9% prefer Twitter for brand-following.”  One reason was that, “Facebook users are heavily influenced by their friends.”  Plus the social network, “allows brands to leverage offers, giveaways, contests and other entertaining content in a more appealing way.”

Wrong Again

When I talk to many people in B2B organisations about which social network is the best at delivering leads to their businesses, the overwhelming majority say LinkedIn.  While it may be true that LinkedIn is where these B2B businesses can find their target audience, it is not where they need to focus their social marketing efforts to generate leads.  According to Optify’s 2012 B2B Marketing Benchmark Report mentioned in an article on Social Media Today, “Twitter is the strongest social media channel for generating leads, outperforming Facebook and Linkedin 9-to-1. In fact, 82% of all social media leads were sourced from Twitter.”

As you can see from just the two examples above, consumer behaviour must be a focus of your social marketing strategy.  Learn, not just where your target audience hangs out, but also learn how they behave when they are there.

Is consumer behaviour a big part of your organisation’s social media marketing efforts already?  Please share your experience in the comments below.




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