Get the right image sizes in your social media with the social media cheat sheet

Creating a foundation for your pages can be core to ensuring your brand maintains consistency online.  One of the easiest way’s to do that is to have images designed across one theme and use them on all of your business social media sites.

To make it as simple as possible, here are some of the more common sizes and imaged you will need to collate to ensure you have a great look and feel to your pages.


Cover image size 851 pixels wide and 315 pixels tall

“Cover photos are 851 pixels wide and 315 pixels tall. If you upload an image that’s smaller than these dimensions, it will get stretched to this larger size. The image you upload must be at least 399 pixels wide.”

Profile image size 160 pixels wide and 160 pixels high

“Page profile pictures are square and displays at 160×160 pixels. The photo you upload must be at least 180×180 pixels. We recommend uploading a square image of your brand’s logo. Rectangular images will be cropped to fit a square.

Page profile pictures display next to your Page’s name around the site, so yours should stand on its own to represent your Page. You can also be creative with how your profile picture and cover photo go together. On your Page’s cover, the profile picture displays 23 pixels from the left side and 210 pixels from the top of your cover photo.”

Custom Photo Tab image sizes 112 pixels wide and 75 pixels high

Facebook has some great tips in their help section to help you customise your page.


Company Image

PNG, JPEG, or GIF; max size 2 MB.

Note: Will be given the opportunity to crop the image to 646×220 pixels

Product and Service Images 100 x 80 pixels .PNG .JPG .GIF

Linkedin has some cool new features that allow you to link out from the images showcasing your products and services on your company page.  Think Free Banner Advertising

Up to 3 Banner images  640 x 220 pixels   

You can see the full creative guidelines for linkedin here

Google +

Cover image size  940 x 180 pixels

Profile image size 250 x 250 pixels

General information on Google+ pages is available, we have yet to find a clear page on image sizing from google directly.


PROFILE PHOTO (73px x 73px, up to 700kb): Your profile photo is
your brand identity. It is the image associated with all your Tweets.
BIO (up to 160 characters): Tell your story to profile visitors. Your bio is
displayed on your profile header under your name and username.
PROFILE HEADER (JPG or PNG file, up to 5mb): Display your brand
prominently and immediately engage with your profile visitors. To
select from the pre-loaded themes or upload your custom image,
visit the design tab within your Twitter settings page. Use the image
cropper to make the best selection. An automatic gradient will appear
on the profile header. Image maps, animation or flash are not allowed.
The image maintains 2:1 aspect ratio on all screens (minimum 200px x
100px). The image is not interactive.
PROFILE BACKGROUND (JPG, PNG, or GIF file, up to 800kb): Create a
rich experience for your profile viewers. Update the background image
in the design tab of your Twitter settings. Image maps, animation or
flash are not allowed. The image can be left, center or right aligned to
give you more control and predictive placement of creative elements.
PINNED TWEET: Display the most important content on your profile.
Select any of your Tweets to pin to the top of your profile timeline. Manage
your pinned Tweets from the advertiser campaign dashboard. If you select
more than one Tweet to pin, we will display the most popular Tweet.

SOURCE: Twitter profile page design sheet 


Keep in mind, each of the social platforms can change at what seems like a whim and that is why we have included the links to the actual platform guidelines, keep an eye on your page.  Once you set your images, just remember, they might me set, but they are only set in Jelly and will need tweaking and size adjustments from time to time.  Unfortunately – this portion of your branding is not a set and forget exercise.

We also found this great visual comphrehensive guide.

And the plug – we have a team of designers who can help make this super easy for you, let us know if we can help.




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