Six Valentine’s Day Social Marketing Tips to Boost Your Business in February

Six Valentine’s Day Social Marketing Tips

Looking for Valentine’s Day social marketing tips to help your business engage with your social network community and see sales results from your efforts?  Our latest blog post shares tips for piggy-backing on this romantic holiday.  February 14th is just around the corner so start implementing these social media marketing tips for Valentine’s Day soon!

Valentine’s Day Secrets

Are you using Pinterest for business?  Create a Pinterest Board with your top-selling Valentine’s Day gifts or gift ideas you wish to promote.  Now, take it one step further and make that a Pinterest Secret Board, use your customer email list to make a marketing email for your male customers and then invite those customers to shop in secret on your private Pinterest Board.

Share Social Network Content

Your fans love to engage with social media posts which help them solve problems.  Your business will receive likes and shares on Facebook and retweets and favorites on Twitter when you offer real value with your social marketing posts.  In the opening days of February, focus your social network content marketing on sharing links to Valentine’s Day articles and blog posts which help your fans (an emphasis on male fans) find the perfect gift and plan the perfect romantic evening.

Valentine’s Day Fails

Have you ever had a romantic date go horribly bad in a fantastically-funny way?  Your social network community probably does too.  Create a video contest using Google+ and YouTube, Facebook or Instagram user-submitted videos.  To boost engagement, allow your social media fans and followers vote on their favourite Valentine’s Day fail video and give the winner and runners-up a nice prize.

Drive In-Store Sales with Facebook

Do you own restaurant, florist, gift store or another brick-and-mortar business which sees sales increase around Valentine’s Day?  Want to see those sales increase even more?  Use Facebook Offers to create a special holiday offer for your Facebook fans to redeem on dinner, a movie, flowers, chocolates or another gift.

Valentine’s Day Surprise!

Looking for a Valentine’s Day social marketing tip for Instagram?  Why not create an Instagram contest and surprise one or more couples with a free meal that evening?  Create a contest hashtag, promote your contest on your Instagram for business account and other social media channels, ask your followers to share a photo with hashtag on their Valentine’s Dinner date, then randomly choose a winner(s) and pick up the cost of their meal.

Polling Social Media Users

Want a way to increase fan engagement by piggy-backing on the conversations around Valentine’s Day?  Use a third-party Facebook app and create a poll question (What is one gift you must give on Valentine’s Day?).  You can also create a poll and use Twitter voting to drive engagement and exposure for your business.

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