Six Sure-Fire Steps for See More Likes on Your Facebook for Business Page

Is your Facebook for business page feeling a little lonely these days?  Does your social network community feel more like a social media ghost town?  Without an active, engaged group of fans, your business’s Facebook page is doing your brand absolutely no good.  That’s why I’m going to share six sure-fire steps that will boost your “likes” and deliver an active social marketing community.  Are you ready?

Anywhere and Everywhere

One of the biggest problems I run across when reviewing a business’s Facebook strategy is the fact that they are missing out on valuable opportunities to tell their prospects and customers about their Facebook for business page.  Every single piece of online and offline marketing material and promotional space should mention your social network presence.  Anywhere, everywhere and all the time: That should be your mantra when it comes to spreading the word about your fan page.

Can’t Click Paper

Unless you have come up some new, innovative way for your prospects and customers to click-through from a brochure, menu or business card to your Facebook fan page, then you need to do more than putting a “Find us on Facebook” logo on your printed marketing materials.  The majority of people do not want to hunt you down online.  Share your exact Facebook web address in your printed material and you’ll move more offline folks into your list of “Likes” on your fan page.

The Winner Is

To grow your “Likes” by leaps and bounds take a page out of the “What’s in it for me?” handbook.  A successful Facebook contest can garner your business all sorts of good will.  And with the right third-party app and perfect prize, it will also grow your social network quickly and easily.

Get it Right

Understanding your audience and the best way to reach and engage your audience is extremely important when it comes to growing your social media fanbase.  Pay attention to the types of posts that are commented on, liked and shared by your fans.  When you pair that understanding along with a continuous flow of valuable information, your Facebook for business fans grow your “Likes” for you by becoming your brand’s biggest evangelists.

Get Around

Don’t be a wallflower and hangout in your small, social space.  Take the time to “Like” other business fan pages.  Spend time engaging with these pages and also share Facebook posts that would bring value to your fans.

Price is Right

Money may not be able to buy love.  However, spending a little money on Facebook ads can buy your business page its fair share of fans.  Using Facebook’s targeting feature in its ads can help you get your brand’s message to the right kind of people and encourage them to “Like” your page.

This six steps will get your new Facebook for business page off to a good start by helping you grow your social media community.  These same steps can jumpstart your social marketing strategy if you fan page is still struggling to gain “Likes” and grow at a good pace.

Please share your tips, successes and questions in the comments below.


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