Six Superb Google+ Tips to Increase Your Google Plus Expertise

Do you want to improve your Google+ for business expertise?  Are you looking for new ways to engage your Google Plus social media users and grow your brand’s presence on the social network?  We’re going to share six tips to get you started.

Start on the Sidelines

According to a report mentioned in a recent article on, “Google+ has passed Twitter and is now the second-biggest social platform worldwide with 343 million active users.”  One of the best ways your business can start to build social currency and trust with these users is to start out on the sidelines.  In other words, first spend more time engaging other users and answering questions than you do adding your business’s social marketing posts.

Give and Receive

Our second Google Plus tip involves giving credit where credit is due.  Like your Facebook for business page, Google+ allows you to tag other users in your posts and comments.  When mentioning other users, add a plus sign before their name and then select that user from a dropdown list.  This notifies that Google+ user that you mentioned them in a post and allows others to click directly to their profile or business page.

Raise Your Hand

Does your business act like a social media marketing know-it-all?  Instead of always being the expert on all things, your business can increase your exposure on Google+ by simply asking questions.  Asking questions not only drives engagement in the form of answers, but by asking questions related to your audience you also develop trust by showing you care

Traffic School

Many brands have larger social communities on other social networks than they do on Google Plus.  If you have a large, active following on your Twitter for business account, then use that account to send followers to your Google+ for business page.  Create a post longer than 140 characters and link to your Google Plus post for the remainder of the content.

Group Effort

Do you belong to or organise any professional networking groups in the real world?  The best way to establish yourself as a thought leader or your business as the leading expert in any field is to create a Google+ Community.  You can also join other communities, build trust and drive traffic to your Google Plus business page by helping others in those groups.

Gain Understanding

Understanding all that the social network offers users is an excellent way to take your Google+ experience to the next level.  Here’s an excellent source with 25 Google+ tips for power users.  Bookmark the page and make sure to read it to become a social media ninja.

Have anything to add to our tips?  Use the comments below to contribute to the conversation.





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