Six Social Media News Items to Add to Your Brand’s Social Marketing Plans

Using your social network for phone calls, sending short, private video messages to your followers and fine-tuning your social marketing ads: These are just a few of the items we discuss in our latest social media news.  Are you ready to learn about some new features from Facebook, Twitter, Vine and even Spotify that you can put to use today?  Then, pull up a chair and get ready for the following new social media marketing updates.

Voice Message

Want to call your Facebook business contacts for free as long as you have a wifi connection?  There is a major new feature that showed up in a recent update to the Facebook Messenger app.  You can now click a small phone icon next to a contact’s name and – as long as both of you have a wifi or data connection – have a phone conversation with your Facebook friend for free.

Vine Ripe

Are you using Vine as part of your Twitter for business strategy?  Users of Twitter’s Vine video creation and sharing tool can now use a new feature to send and receive private video and text messages.  Take a look at this article on Vine Messages to learn more about this updated feature and how it can help your brand’s social media strategy.

Drilling Deep

Facebook ads continue to evolve and offer more hyper-targeting options helping businesses reach the exact audience they are looking to reach.  If you or your social media manager have not been in your Facebook ads manager lately, now is the time to go in and take notice of the updates and new features.  One of the latest additions to the social network ad platform are the Core Audiences targeting options which allow your brand to refine its ad targeting by demographic, location, interests and behaviours.

Doubling Down

Most social media for business strategies include a heavy dose of photos.  The micro-blogging social network Twitter just gave those businesses a double-shot of updates which focus on posting and sharing images.  Twitter for business users can now tag followers in photos and upload up to four photos per tweet.

Music Matters

Does your business include Spotify in its social marketing strategy?  Well, Spotify has a new look which is designed to make its content pop off the screen and help its users discover new music more easily.  One of the new features you may find interesting is the ability to add music, albums and artists to a collection without creating a specific playlist.

Have any social media marketing news you would like to share or discuss?  Add your thoughts in the comments below.

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