Six Social Media Marketing Updates to Help Improve Your Bottom Line 

Six Social Media Marketing Updates to Help Improve Your Bottom Line 

Strap yourselves in for another social media marketing “news your business can use” update!  Our social marketing news blog post packs in the latest social network and social media strategy news to help your business improve its online and offline marketing and sales.  So, if you are ready, here’s six social media marketing updates to help grow your brand.

Better Branding with Facebook Photos

Sharing branding stories with Facebook photos just got easier thanks to a recent mobile update from the social network.  According to the Facebook Newsroom, “Now you can choose the exact order of photos when you upload them to Facebook for iPhone and Android.”  This new feature will offer businesses a more creative and more effective way to deliver branding messages with photos to their Facebook fans.

Skyrocket Sales with Social Login

How does your business improve the customer experience and improve sales using social networks?  In a recent blog post, we shared how a social login option increases customer retention, ecommerce sales and reduces abandoned carts.  A new study from Gigya shows that the desktop and mobile consumer preference for social logins is Facebook followed by Google+ and Twitter.

Social Advertising’s Vanishing Act

Here’s good news for brands using Shapchat as part of its social media for business strategy.  The text-based social marketing tool is introducing advertising options to its service.  Brand messages will appear in a Snapchat users’ Recent Updates and – like its Stories – ads will disappear once viewed or in 24 hours.

Social Media Traffic Study

Is your business using the right social network to drive traffic to its website?  A Shareaholic study which looked at referral traffic delivered by Twitter, StumbleUpon, Facebook, Pinterest, Google Plus, Reddit, LinkedIn and YouTube can help you answer that question.  According to the data from Sept. 2013 to Sept. 2014, Facebook drove four times as much traffic as runner-up Pinterest with third-place Twitter finding its traffic-driving numbers declining rapidly.

Social Network Sharing Behaviors

Live events are a wonderful way to introduce individuals to your brand and products.  Pairing an effective social marketing strategy with your live event can increase the effectiveness of your event tenfold.  This MarketingLand article discussing sharing behaviors of social media users can offer your business insight into what social network to focus on depending on the type of event and the target audience you want to reach.

Facebook Ads – Pass or Fail

Would your Facebook ads receive a passing grade in a social media marketing 101 class?  How nice would it be if you knew you were using the perfect ad copy and photo for your Facebook advertising strategy?  Well, you can now use the free tool Ad Grader which provides News Feed ads feedback based on your budget, bid, audience and targeting along with tips to make your ads more effective.

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