Six Social Media Marketing Tips for 2015 to Add to Your New Years Resolutions

Six Social Media Marketing Tips for 2015 to Add to Your New Years Resolutions

Looking for new social media tips to add to your 2015 social marketing strategy?  Try the following tips out for size.  And forget about the article title, when you take into account the links to more social network strategy content, our blog posts offers you much more than just six social media marketing tips for 2015.

Tweak Twitter Content

When Twitter analytics data was opened up for everyone, were you surprised to read all the articles pointing out that Twitter impression and engagement numbers are lower across the board than similar data on Facebook?  Here’s a tip to help your tweets stand out and hopefully make a better impression on your followers.  Break the formating monotony and share tweets with line breaks, unique font colors and symbols.

Utilise Content Marketing Data

Does your business make the most of content marketing measurement data when evaluating and implementing its social media, email marketing and blogging for business strategy?  Without a road map, analytics information from your numerous content marketing channels can be overwhelming and confusing.  Use this excellent article to get a handle on your marketing data and improve your content marketing ROI.

Initiate Instagram Direct

Have you spent time and money to build your Instagram for business following but are unsure how to drive sales from the social network?  Instagram direct is a tool that most businesses tend to underutilize.  Use these direct messages to deliver promotions, discounts, insider-deals, etc. to your most influential and active Instagram followers.

Social Network Image Templates

Are you finding that sharing images across multiple social networks is time consuming due to the image size requirements for each social channel?  Here’s a tip that is guaranteed to save you time and money.  Create multiple image templates based –  not just on the social network – but also on the type of social media post content (contests, tips, events, humor, etc.) and use those templates when sharing photo content.

Plethora of Pinterest Strategies

What is a great way to ensure your business sees social media marketing results?  A good place to start is to focus your energy on social networks with rising popularity, and according to Mashable, two of the fastest growing social networks are Tumblr and Pinterest. Forget one tip, here’s twenty killer brand strategies for Pinterest marketing.

Create Social Media Clicks

Need a simple tip to drive more clicks to your blog posts from your Facebook for business content?  Try the “up-vote” strategy when sharing Facebook posts.  For example your Facebook link post content could look like this (up-vote content examples in brackets)…”Have you tried these unusual social marketing tactics? [You won’t believe #5 on this list! / #3 is our favorite for increasing social sales. / #6 is shockingly-effective!].

Please share your thoughts, ideas, opinions and successes in the comments below.

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